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These 2024 Met Gala Outfits Are Rather Unhinged

Listen, if there’s any place to take a fashion risk, it’s the Met Gala. Playing it safe at the annual fundraising event is never gonna win you praise and adoration, and that strategy is frankly an insult to my Mother, Anna Wintour. If you and your stylist make an extra eccentric choice and end up flopping, so be it. Go big or go home to your mansion and cry your million-dollar tears! Trolls can say what they want about Doja Cat dressing up as Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat, Choupette, last year, but I remember that look vividly and happen to think it was iconic. (Plus, I’m sure Choupette was very honored.) The same can be said about Kim K that time she gave the nation a fright when she showed up to the Met steps literally covered head to toe in all-black. America’s First Lawyer’s best fashion moment? Certainly not. But it’s one that will stick with me forever… in my nightmares. It’s called making an impact, people.

With Taylor Swift singing about her Matty Healy situationship for two albums, JoJo Siwa claiming she invented gay pop, Zendaya making a messy love triangle/throuple movie, and Anne Hathaway starring in a Harry Styles fanfic film, 2024’s been an especially thrilling year for pop culture so far. The trend is continuing this fine Met Gala evening, which is co-chaired by none other than Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, Bad Bunny, and Anna, obviously. The theme of the night is “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” and the dress code is “Garden of Time,” inspired by the 1962 J.G. Ballard story about time manipulation and flowers that represent youth and beauty. At the very least, the A-listers’ ensembles are not all boring this year.

Every Met Gala, some celebs follow the theme and some completely disregard it and do whatever the fuck they want. As long as they choose the former, I automatically respect the famous folk who go all out and surprise us with unexpected, eye-catching lewks. Without further ado, here are the absolute craziest 2024 Met Gala outfits. I’m kind of obsessed.

The Craziest 2024 Met Gala Looks

Doja Cat

Doja Cat Met Gala 2024
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Doja’s assistant asked her if she was ready to go to the Met Gala, and she replied, “One sec, just getting out of the shower. Okay, ready now!” And I am fucking here for it.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele Met Gala 2024
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Lea? The center of attention? I don’t believe it. The pregnant Glee queen showed up to the Met Gala in a ginormous silk satin ball gown, of course.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Met Gala 2024
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My veiled, branchy Lana Del Tree. No notes.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu Met Gala 2024
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A floral explosion! This, people, is what commitment looks like. I’ll admit I’m a little overwhelmed, but that’s okay.

Cardi B

Cardi B Met Gala 2024
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Why take up a normal amount of space when you could take up a whole room with a dress? Cardi was marking space for her own large garden.

Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray Met Gala 2024
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I feel like the teacup version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast is death staring into my soul, and I’m fine with it.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora Met Gala 2024
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The “Black Widow” singer opted for an almost-naked look. There are no gardens or sleeping beauties in sight, but the shock value is there.

Gustav Magyar Witzøe

Gustav Magyar Witzøe at the Met Gala 2024
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Camila Cabello once said: “I luv it.” And I do. This is the time for mesh and capes! I see the “Sleeping Beauties” vision here. Go Gustav. I definitely know who you are.

Jessica Serfaty Michel

Jessica Serfaty Michel at the 2024 Met Gala
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Ummm. Basic blonde girl on vacation in Florida on the top and flower explosion on the bottom? I appreciate the effort, Jessica…

Adrienne Adams

Adrienne Adams Met Gala 2024
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This woman is Speaker of the New York City Council, and she’s making more of a Met Gala splash than Anna Wintour is. Just saying!

J. Harrison Ghee

J. Harrison Ghee at the Met Gala 2024
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I fear this cotton candy and horns combo was a miss. But I applaud it nonetheless. This is how you stand out in a crowd!

Amy Fine Collins

Amy Fine Collins Met Gala 2024
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Garden of Time? More like Garden of Amy FINE. I need to try out this white sock, pointy shoe, long jacket, and little hat combo immediately.

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Ilana Frost
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