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The Actual Funniest Tweets About This Year's Met Gala

If the celebrities are staying up all night partying at The Met Gala, that means I’m staying up all night stalking their every move on social media. And what better place to talk shop than Elon Musk’s playground, X (even though literally no one on Al Gore’s internet calls it that)? Twitter was there when Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift in an event I assume is documented in the Library of Congress called Snakegate. Twitter was there when Bravo’s cameras had already gone down but news of Scandoval, the affair of the century, wormed its way into the public eye anyway. So Twitter has of course been there for every viral Met Gala moment from A$AP Rocky accidentally karate chopping a fan in the head to freaking out about every time celebrities felt relatable by sharing drunk Met bathroom selfies against Anna Wintour’s explicit instructions. The biggest night in fashion simply would not be the same if we weren’t allowed to lounge in our bathrobes and sleep shirts from the comfort of our homes, perched in front of our hand-held computers, to ruthlessly judge each and every handcrafted designer outfit (that was worked on for weeks) because idk, I would’ve worn different shoes with that or whatever. Trust me, it’s what Joan Rivers would’ve wanted. In the spirit of keeping Joan’s memory alive by bravely talking shit about Hollywood’s biggest stars just for giggles, here’s an essential roundup of all the best 2024 Met Gala tweets. Just keep scrolling, you were gonna be late for work anyway.

The Best Tweets About the 2024 Met Gala

Everybody’s so creative!

You know you’re that bitch when you cause all this conversation (and you’re not even there)

We’re going to want to discuss this carpet situation…

Marissa Dow
Marissa Dow
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