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Men "Rawdogging" Flights Is the Ultimate Red Flag In A Travel Companion

ICYMI, “rawdogging” is the latest male complexity to hit the Internet. It’s basically a bunch of men on TikTok claiming that they pushed themselves to mental and physical limits on long flights without sleep, inflight entertainment, and food (only drinking water), staring at the map, or doing nothing at all. But also, is like, anyone fact-checking these jabronis? Social media isn’t real, right? RIGHT! 

I find this concept terrifying. What are they plotting?! Some Rawdoggers (gag) call this a beige flag, but in my opinion, they’re colorblind. Rawdogging flights is a massive red flag, which only makes me more confident in choosing to be left alone in the woods with a bear over a man.  

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Why are men rawdogging flights? 

Maybe it’s a joke? Is it? It feels like it is. I HOPE IT IS. What are you trying to prove by doing this? That you have nothing going on in your brain? That you have no problems? That you’re zen?! Take a yoga class like the rest of us, Chad. 

Also, can we call it anything else? The word is repulsive. It makes my skin crawl like the sound of “moist panties.” Maybe if they called it “in-flight meditation,” I’d get less of the ick. But to share a name with the worst way to describe unprotected sex in this political climate? It’s a no for me, Rawdog. 

Wait, men are “rawdogging flights” because they saw it on a show?! 

The OG Rawdogger seems to be the fictional character David Puddy, aka Elaine’s sometimes boyfriend on Seinfeld. On a flight, he chooses not to nap or read but to look at the back of his seat (this was before in-flight maps). Elaine smartly breaks up with him for this obvious deal-breaker.

It’s also credited to Idris Elba’s character, Sam Nelson, on the show Hijacked. Hijacked? Seriously? Call me a millennial, but I can’t imagine taking any inflight tips from a show that shares a name with what happened on 9/11!!

According to the show’s description, Idris is forced to be on a seven-hour flight without amenities after criminals take over the plane. See, bros! He was FORCED to do this, and you’re out here doing this BY CHOICE?! Also, technically, Idris wasn’t fully rawdogging because he was also SAVING THE FLIGHT, unlike you, Kyle.  

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Traveling with a rawdogger sounds like a nightmare 

Can you imagine if your travel companion refused to sleep and just stared at the back of their seat for the entire flight? Not only is that super creepy, but when you get to your destination, you two will be on entirely different schedules. 

You sleep on flights so you can make the most of the time you have at your destination. I would be livid if my husband and I just landed in Italy, and instead of stuffing our faces with fresh pizza and pasta (AS YOU DO), he’d want to sleep because he wanted to flex on TikTok that he could crush this challenge.

Which makes me wonder, if you don’t post about rawdogging did you even rawdog, Dog?  

What are men thinking about while rawdogging? 

Is this why men think about the Roman Empire so much? Because they have all this time with their own thoughts on flights? My Roman Empire is trying to figure out what is going through Rawdoggers’ minds. So far, I gotnothing, which might be the answer. One guy said he counted to a million twice, which takes me back to: SERIOUSLY THOUGH, ARE MEN OKAY?! 

Hmm, maybe James Cordon allegedly ignored his wife and baby on that flight because he was rawdogging? Something his PR team should consider.

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Rawdogging is not a flex 

Rawdogging is less of an accomplishment and more of a brag that you have all the time in the world to do literally nothing. MUST BE NICE. 

Meanwhile women are giving themselves facials, following twenty-step skincare routines, applying makeup and styling their hair at a professional level, convincing their bosses they’re working from home, reading books, being productive members of society, and/or watching the kids. 

Here’s hoping that soon rawdogging will be a distant social media memory like the Renegade dance. But until then, stay safe out there and stay away from Rawdoggers.