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I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Prince William And Ayo Edebiri Memes

The Prince of Wales and the Queen of Ireland have finally met — and the photo of their interaction will live rent-free in my mind forever. If you don’t know your royals, SMH, but I’m referring to Prince William and Ayo Edebiri, of course. The introduction we’ve all been waiting for took place at the 2024 BAFTA Awards, which were held in London on February 18. Somehow, the prince ended up in a conversation with the rising star award nominees, Ayo, Phoebe Dynevor, Sophie Wilde, and Mia McKenna-Bruce. I feel confident he hasn’t seen any of their work.

Ayo, who famously starred in The Banshees of Inisherin as Jenny the Donkey, *allegedly* “got really in character” when she *allegedly* filmed the movie in Ireland for four months. (This is an iconic joke that began on her Letterboxd account and made it all the way to her Critics Choice Awards speech and now these memes.) In the viral photo of the prince and the actresses, Ayo’s eyebrows are raised high and her eyes are super wide. To no one’s surprise, Betches fans have come up with some of the funniest captions for it. These creative Prince William and Ayo memes really have me nonstop giggling over here.

Prince William Ayo Edebiri Memes Betches
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“That guy in your office mansplaining intersectionality” – @beets_are_my_jam

I sincerely hope William is not wandering around Kensington Palace giving his staff lectures like this… but also, I can see it.

“Pretending to care about his crypto so he pays for your drinks” – @heyemilyb

Have I done this before? Not no… I’m just a girl.

“When your bestie finally shows you the guy she was hiding from you” – @keruchimz

It’s a jump scare every time. I’m sorry.

“When he’s an heir to billions so you laugh” – @itsamandawith3as

Hahahaha! Oh my gosh! You’re so funny, it’s crazy.

“When you introduce your socially awkward boyfriend to the girls and he says something stupid” – @ms.fatmamaria

Dying to know how the introduction to Kate’s friends went. I can’t exactly imagine William being super smooth.

“Ireland’s Princess trying her hardest not to end the colonizer” – @kangakzoo

You can see the urge she gets to stand up for her people. Just out here doing her royal duties!

“Ken explaining the monarchy to the Barbies” – @a.charl

He might actually win an Oscar for his explanation.

“Yes it’s sad daddy’s fallen ill but guess who’s next in line” – @rachel.does.stuff

I’m gooped and gagged.

“When you meet that one uncle at a family reunion” – @saanvimat03

Yes, it’s totally giving uncle/niece energy.

“When he introduces himself as the future king but you all planned on ditching that” – @brandon_l0ck

I think Ayo has other plans…

“Men saying ‘periods aren’t even that painful'” – @prof_mascarenas

If they don’t STFU RIGHT NOW.

“When you’re telling THAT friend group a story but they obviously don’t care” – @martha_kelx

I can’t read the others as well, but I’d say Ayo is very invested.

“POV: Those people who stop celebs in the street to sing to them” – @hanabanana_1212

Prince William? No, you’re confused. That’s TikTok sensation Harry Daniels.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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