One Of The Real Housewives Of Orange County Won't Be Returning Next Season

A Housewives fan’s relationship to their favorite franchise’s cast is a delicate fucking balance. It’s kind of like the same relationship you have with your best friend’s significant other. You spend the first few months trying to figure out if you love them or hate them, and then the rest of eternity talking shit about them with your roommate either way. That’s why it feels like a personal victimization when a Housewife leaves a franchise (or when your best friend’s douchelord boyfriend breaks up with her). It’s like… you’ve spent so much time discussing the intricate details of their lives. How dare they leave?!

Anyway, the latest Housewife to peace TF out is Meghan King Edmonds from Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s like, sooo done with Bravo’s shit. Actually, I’m totally kidding. This is like, the least eventful reality show departure since Usher left The Voice.

Meghan announced her decision in the only way a semi-relevant television personality knows how: with a Picstitch and a dragged-out blog post that you bet is linked in her Instagram bio. Let me sum it up for you so you don’t need to subject yourself to a full blog post detailing the hormonal effects of “growing twins.”

Basically, Meghan’s taking time off from being a Housewife so that she can be a housewife with a lowercase h. She’s going to spend more time in St. Louis to be a baseball WAG. She has so much respect for everyone who works to create RHOC, and so this was like, really difficult for her. Blah, blah, blah.

While I’m sure a season of Meghan pregnant with twins would have produced a few decent temper tantrum scenes, I’m not like, totally devastated. Although it’s sad that she didn’t last long enough for the majority of us to remember the order in which her last names go in confidence, I think we can all live without her. However, the confrontational value she brings to season reunions will be deeply missed.

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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