Someone May Have Spotted A Pregnant Kylie Jenner At CVS

In a massive blow to my working theory that Kylie was actually Kim’s surrogate, a very pregnant Kylie Jenner may or may not have been spotted at CVS yesterday, trying (and failing) to cover up her baby bump with a large green hoodie.

See for yourself:

This appearance follows false rumors that were spread by us that Kylie had gone into labor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and the announcement of the birth of Kim’s third child via surrogate early Monday morning.

Kylie still hasn’t officially confirmed that she’s pregnant, and all we have to go on is one blurry photo of a pregnant person that *might* be Kylie from back in December, and her conspicuous absence from the Kardashian Kristmas Kard.

Unlike the first photo, this one is very close up and looks a lot like Kylie Jenner, but then again, anyone in the greater Los Angeles area with $100K and a great health insurance plan can probably look like Kylie Jenner in however much time it takes for lip injections to heal so…

…We still don’t know. At this point I just need SOME kind of announcement so I can move the fuck on with my life. Kris, I’m begging you. Please let us have closure.