*This* May Be The Moment Khloé Kardashian Announces Her Pregnancy

It’s been a long, wild ride on the Kardashian Pregnancy Rumor Roller Coaster Extraordinaire, also known as the Kris Jenner 4000. Rumors broke a long-ass time ago that Khloé and Kylie are pregnant, but nobody from the Kardashian camp has confirmed anything. STILL. Many of us believed they would make the official announcement in the form of a baby bump reveal in the Kardashian Christmas card, but Khloé’s first appearance yesterday seems to have discredited that theory. But where Kris Jenner giveth away, she also taketh, because the newly released trailer for the new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians provides a major clue.

There’s one point in the trailer where the whole clan is gathered ’round at what looks to be a party, and it looks like Khloé has just dropped some big news. Everyone is seen gasping and crying, and Kim turns to Kris and says, “Did you not know?” Kris says, “No!” and then everyone hugs Khloé. Now, there are a lot of things one could announce that would fit into this scene, but naturally many people (aka me and my coworkers) are inclined to believe this is the moment Khloé reveals she’s pregnant. There’s also a moment, earlier in the trailer, where Kris is seeing calling Kylie. She says, “Hi, Kylie,” and then, “WHAT?!” so that could be the moment she finds out her 20-year-old daughter is pregnant. But that’s quickly followed up with a, “Should we have her arrested?” so I’m less convinced about that. Then again, I do personally think Kylie Jenner should be arrested for daring to bring her spawn into this world, but I sadly am not a District Attorney so I don’t have the power to bring charges against her.

Anyway, watch the whole video below and comment with your conspiracy theories.