Did Pepsi Make That Ad With Kendall Jenner Offensive On Purpose?

By Alise Morales | April 11, 2017

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As you all know, Kendall Jenner stepped in deep shit last week with the release of her new Pepsi ad campaign, which more than casually suggests that all of the world’s problems could be solved with an ice cold Pepsi. Somebody send this girl to Syria! Would love to see that KUWTK episode. However, the Betches investigative team is fairly certain that the ad was only the tip of the controversy iceberg. Like, do we really believe that Pepsi had no idea this ad would go south? And sure, Kendall Jenner might actually be dumb enough to not get what’s wrong with the ad, but Kris Jenner is far from stupid. She’s kind of an evil genius, actually. Forget Russia. This shit goes deep.

But exactly how deep does the Pepspiracy theory go? We’ve broken it down in depth for you with an article, but for those of you who don’t read good (Kylie Jenner) and want to learn to do other stuff good just don’t have the fucking time to sit down and read a whole article, we’ve broken the whole thing down for you in just 30 seconds.