Justin Bieber Made Fun Of Taylor Swift On Instagram

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is not the sweetest candy in the candy jar. I mean…just last week he bought two kittens for $35,000 and then told PETA to “suck it” when they criticized him for not adopting. In 2013 he brought a baby monkey with him on tour to Germany where the monkey was seized and given to a German zoo because he decided it wasn’t worth keeping. So when he posted an Insta story of himself making fun of Taylor Swift over a lighthearted post-surgery video, obviously nobody was surprised.

The backstory involves Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, pain pills and Taylor’s mom. What could go wrong? Taylor appeared on The Tonight Show last Thursday where Jimmy asked her if she recently had undergone lasik eye surgery. She genuinely seemed surprised when she hesitantly said yes, and soon he announced that her mother had sent him a video of her recovering, all hopped up on pills. By no means am I a Taylor fan, but the video is actually very funny. She cries over choosing the wrong banana and is still upset after her mom says she’ll eat “the one with no head” that she left behind. I mean, who doesn’t love a good post-surgery video? Taylor, although mortified, was a good sport while she and the world watched her Mother and Jimmy’s prank unfold.

Apparently, our dear exotic-animal-loving Justin Bieber also caught wind of the video and tried impersonating it on his Insta story while Hailey Baldwin laughed in the background before saying “that was so funny” like a girl in high school trying to convince the quarterback to take her to homecoming. The video lasts all of 14 seconds, and Justin is not a comedian, so stop lying to him, Hailey!! This is how hot people end up thinking they’re funny when they are in fact not!!

I’m not even upset that Justin is making fun of Taylor, literally who cares? It was a funny video and people are going to impersonate it. I am, however, upset by how poorly done the video is and how unfunny of an “impersonation” it is. Also, the fact that Justin and Taylor have had quite the tumultuous relationship in the past makes the video go from an unfunny famous person making fun of another famous person to an unfunny person trolling someone he’s had a history of trolling before.

This past summer Taylor was in a whirlwind of drama when music producer Scooter Braun, who has been Justin’s manager since he was just a tiny little baby on Youtube, bought the masters to Taylor’s music against her wishes. A whole slew of famous people rushed to Instagram and Twitter to defend either Taylor or Scooter, and Justin, who at the beginning of his career opened for Taylor’s tour, defended Scooter. Bros stick with other entitled bros, I suppose! In a now-deleted Instagram post, Justin posted a screenshot of a FaceTime between him, Scooter and Kanye West, who has his own slew of drama with Taylor, and made a joke about him one day owning all his music with a cute little caption reading “Taylor Swift What Up.”

So is Justin Bieber making a joke about Taylor being pilled out and crying over a banana after lasik a big deal? No. I’ve literally been made fun of for so much worse…like…this week. The issue lies in the fact that they’re not friends, so it’s mean! If I was her and I saw that Insta story I would call PETA on his $35,000 cats, bleach all of his sh*tty clothes and drag him for filth on all my social media, so it seems she’s much more of a lover than I. (See what I did there? lol.) So keep getting your lasik and taking your pills, girl! It’s my favorite video of yours this whole year, and I’m including “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down!”

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Chris Burns
Chris Burns
Chris Burns aka Fat Carrie Bradshaw is a comedian, actor, writer and drag queen based in New York City. While he's not married and doesn't have any children he does someday hope to be rich.