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Jesse From 'The Valley' Is Giving Me Daddy Issues And I'm An Adult

How many people watching Jesse and Michelle argue over how to teach a toddler ride a bike were scared? Me too, I was really scared. It’s a grand feat to come off as the worst couple when you’re sharing a screen with Jax and Brittany, and yet the couple is finding a way to do it only two episodes into VPR spinoff  The Valley. While I hate to pick sides, I’m putting most of the blame on the man in this scenario, and not just because men are always wrong about everything. That doesn’t mean Michelle doesn’t a play role in her separation from Jesse, which has been brewing for some time now. Here’s everything we know about Jesse and Michelle’s split.

What caused the split?


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Jesse and Michelle originally got married back in 2018, and had their first child in April of 2020. If you’ll recall, a contagious little bugger named Covid-19 hit the scene around then meaning they became parents during a global pandemic. As someone who stayed in the same pair of pajamas for 72 hours at a time, I’m sure keeping a newborn alive under lockdown wasn’t easy (even if you live behind Chateau Marmont). Fast forward to this past summer, Jesse is bossing Michelle around while she does their laundry and joking that Lala should join them as a throuple. At Janet’s birthday party, Michelle warns Kristen to have the parenting conversations with Luke that she neglected having with Jesse, who reveals to Jax that Michelle is considering leaving him. When Jesse shares he was too blackout to remember giving Kristen a titty twister, I was ready to sign the paperwork for her.

When exactly did Jesse and Michelle split?

The show began filming this summer and wrapped some time in the fall, after which point the husband and wife decided to take a major pause on their six years of marriage. Since they originally wed in October, it feels like an educated guess to assume that their anniversary could’ve been the tipping point, but Kristen did tell Access Hollywood viewers would see The Lally’s marriage play out “to the bitter end,” so those of us brave enough to continue watching will soon find out.

What’s happened since?

Jesse & Jax at 'Valley' pool party
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Jesse and Michelle refused to walk the March 14th red carpet for the show’s premiere together, which means they are very much still on the outs. Watching their interactions on screen has apparently been enlightening (in a bad way) for them both. When Jax and Brittany were asked to comment on their pals’ break-up in the same Access interview, Jax vehemently rejected comparing the two. He insisted that Jesse and Michelle’s situation is “very different” and Brittany (with daggers being shot into the side of her head) confirmed Jesse and Michelle are like “done, done.” Ouch.

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