Did Wikipedia Just Confirm Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy?

Well, folks, it’s that time of week again: when Kris Jenner singlehandedly decides to ruin my life another Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumor. The rumors have been circulating about Kylie Jenner for months, and so far, the closest confirmation we have is a blurry picture of “Kylie” at CVS, a potential donut gender reveal, and, perhaps the most telling, a Kardashian fam photo/Calvin Klein ad where pregnant Khloé Kardashian is holding both her stomach and the hand of Kylie, whose stomach is covered by a blanket. That is, until today. Either someone in the Kardashian camp fucked up, Ryan Seacrest is purposefully toying with our emotions (likely, tbh), or the confirmation of Kylie’s pregnancy has finally arrived, and in a very subtle and unexpected way.

The news comes thanks to a recent Wikipedia update revealing the title of Episode #214 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I don’t know who was stalking the KUWTK Wiki page and noticed this, but you’re doing the Lord’s work. Anyway, the title of the episode is… *drum roll please*… “We’re expecting!” THAT’S RIGHT. WE. Here’s a screenshot I took immediately, because I know Kris will be on this shit the second she realizes what’s happened:

This has to be referring to Kylie, because Khloé and Kim’s pregnancies have already been covered on the show. I think this means we can stop following this bullshit and getting back to questioning the deeper meaning behind Kim’s topless photos.

Okay, yes. It’s Wikipedia, and that shit is notoriously unreliable because Kris literally anyone can edit it. BUT THINK ABOUT IT. This is exactly the kind of shit the Kardashians would pull. Get a girl secretly knocked up for months and then reveal it to boost their ratings? It’s borderline genius. I mean, at this point, regardless of whether or not Kylie is pregnant, they got what they wanted. More attention.

So, is this it? Is this the Kardashians finally confirming Kylie’s pregnancy with baby daddy Travis Scott?! While the update still seems a little fishy to us, you know we’ll be tuning in February 25th to get to the bottom of this Chardonnay bottle story.