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We Have The Exclusive Look At The 'House Of Heat' Trailer

It kind of feels like we’re in a reality TV resurgence era. With shows like Traitors, which brilliantly teams up our favorite problem children reality stars to catch a fake murderer, and Food Stars, which brilliantly faces off the two most shit-talking Brits in the kitchen, it seems like producers are getting creative AF to keep our attention in 2024. That’s why we were tickled pink when we received word in our inbox of a brand-new reality TV show that has our attention from the title alone. Tubi is debuting a series called House of Heat next month that we think you’re going to want to know about. And naturally, we have the House of Heat trailer hot and ready to answer all of your burning questions.

An Exclusive Look At House Of Heat

Ummm yeah, that was a lot! Let’s start with the basics. House of Heat follows “A group of sexy adult content creators [who] move in together to help grow each other’s businesses. And in this house, they better bring the heat!” Based on just that one minute and 44 seconds, they certainly do. The influencers’ specialties range from those who get a little sexy in posted pics to those who go all the way on camera and are paid handsomely to do so. They’re all placed in one big house together to learn from each other’s businesses but it looks like egos and “slut-shaming” get in the way of keeping it all love between the crew that naturally wouldn’t be complete with at least a little bit of drama.

The 10 episodes look like they include plenty of drunken dinner fights and BTS tutorials on NSFW activities like mailing men sweaty underwear. But it also highlights the struggles of being a spicy content creator and juggling the rest of their lives as moms and real people with lives outside of their work.

When does House of Heat premier?

The first two episodes will drop in the US and Canada on Thursday, June 6.

Where can I watch House of Heat?

On Tubi. Don’t know what Tubi is? First, welcome to 2024. Now the tea: Tubi is a free streaming service available for download on basically all smart TVs everywhere. It has a lot of comfort reruns and movies to stream for free99 (hard to beat these days) and some newer original programming.

How many episodes is House of Heat?

House of Heat is 10 episodes. The finale airs on Thursday, August 1.

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