6 Healthy Resolutions For 2018 That Don't Require A Lot Of Work

Another NYE has come and gone, and luckily we drank just enough vodka to ignore the fact that we haven’t thought about our 2017 resolutions since last January. Every year we tell ourselves we’re gonna lose five pounds or stop eating past 10pm, but we never follow through and it’s getting awkward. We could stop making resolutions altogether, but then what would we talk to our co-workers about aside from the god-awful weather and how tired we are? This year, we’ve decided to focus on smaller resolutions that will make you healthier without making you give up carbs or alcohol. Here are some maintainable healthy resolutions that will guarantee you a new year that’s slightly healthier but also still pretty average.

1. Stop Being So Sleep Deprived

I’d say 99% of the world is going into 2018 completely sleep deprived, and even though I made up that statistic it’s still really bad. Like, with Netflix playing the next episode for you and every video on the Internet calling your name at 2am, it’s SO tempting to just stay awake, but like, don’t. Not getting enough sleep leads to extra hunger, bad moods, cravings, bags under your eyes, and overall brain fog. You’re just a better person when you get a good night of sleep, and it’s not impossible to make this your resolution. Force yourself to get into bed an hour earlier than you usually do, and put away your phone once you’re in bed. If you’re falling asleep watching the Kardashian babies on Instagram every night, you’re doing something wrong.

2. Take A Probiotic

Ever since probiotics became the new gummy bear vitamins, people are taking these by the handful and getting rid of their digestion problems and bloating once and for all. If you want an easy resolution that will literally make you feel and look better without doing anything except taking a capsule every morning, go for the probiotic. They put good bacteria in your gut to keep your body healthy and help you digest food more easily throughout the day. People also say they can help clear your skin and prevent sickness, so you literally can’t lose. Getting healthy has never been so easy. This isn’t even an ad.

3. Swap Your Splenda For Stevia

We’re not being endorsed by a Stevia company to say this, but it’s time to lose the Splenda and make the swap for Truvia or Stevia or whatever the hell is more natural. Splenda is made of an ingredient called sucralose, and even though it’s zero calories, it’s pretty terrible for you. Even if sucralose doesn’t actually cause cancer, it definitely tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating something sweet, which triggers worse sugar cravings later on. Plus, it makes you super bloated and gassy, and like, who wants that? Plant-based alternatives like Truvia are so much better for you and taste the same, so why wouldn’t you make the switch? It’s an easy swap and it’s a solid resolution that you can’t really screw up.

4. Drink Water In The AM

We’re not making you vow to start drinking two liters a day in the new year, but if you want to start getting into the hydration habit, start by drinking a glass of water every morning right when you wake up. First of all, making yourself chug 16 ounces before your coffee will give you an incentive to get it over with. Like, if we saved it for later we’d probably get to 5pm without taking a sip. But more importantly, drinking water in the morning kick-starts your digestion and gets your system moving as fast as possible. Staying hydrated is so much easier than you think, and it’ll pay off when you realize your intense 3pm chocolate urge is really just you not drinking enough water. Buy yourself a case of Poland Spring and start the year off right. Again, not even an ad.

5. Sign Up For Workout Classes

Classes like Soulcycle and Barry’s Bootcamp used to be for Scarsdale moms who needed something to do before the department stores opened at 11am, but with the terrifying rise of ClassPass and a new fitness studio popping up every two blocks, you don’t really have an excuse not to work out anymore. Like, people are actually suggesting hot yoga instead of Sunday brunch, so at this point you’re kinda going out of your way when you don’t give in. Make a commitment to go to a class at least once a week. By booking a spot you’re forcing yourself to go, and you can drag friends with you to suffer together (and get a referral credit). Everyone wins and you didn’t even have to join a real gym.

6. Go Grocery Shopping

We’d never actually suggest anyone start cooking all their meals or like, spend their Sundays meal-prepping for a nutritious week ahead, but going grocery shopping more often is an easy resolution that will do wonders for your body this year. Aside from the fact that you’ll prob save a ton of money by not eating out every meal, you’ll save a ton of calories by avoiding the oil, butter, and sauces that restaurants put in your food without you realizing it. By going grocery shopping once a week and stocking up on healthy ingredients, you’ll be less likely to binge on random snacks you have laying around and more likely to *somewhat* get your shit together in 2018. You may need an extra Xanax before the checkout line at Trader Joe’s, but it’ll be worth it when you start losing weight without even starving yourself. I mean, it’s like we have ESPN or something.