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The Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Sure, there might be a full moon happening at the end of the month (it’s October 28th in case you plan on manifesting) but what’s really exciting? The fact that the stars are literally aligning to help you pick the perfect Halloween costume this year. Whether it’s drawing from nostalgia for a Cancer-approved look, or going bold for the leader in Aries, we’ve found a costume to help make every sign shine.

But because I’m a Cancer (and a total people pleaser) I wanted to make sure these recommendations were as accurate as possible. So, I enlisted the help of Astrid Bly, a premier astrology expert with California Psychics, to help find the costume that’s perfectly in line with your sign. Let’s get to it.

Aquarius: Oh, Deer. 

“Aquarius is generally considered one of the most unique and social signs. In light of this, you should reach inside and dress as your inner furry friend this Halloween.” says Astrid. And TBH, I totally agree. Something unique and fun that’s not too hard to pull together at the last minute is a deer costume. Grab some cute antlers, your fave furry vest or blanket, and anything brown from your wardrobe. Makeup can be super simple too, just use some extra warmth around your forehead and black eyeliner to draw on a nose. 

Beviliu Reindeer Antlers Headband

Pisces: Hi Barbie!

We all know pisces likes to divide their attention between fantasy and reality. What better way to represent that than Barbie?! Coming all the way from Barbieworld, you can show off your empathy and sensitivity for others by dawning a cute and on-trend pink ensamble. 

Naywig Cowgirl Pink Flare Pant Halloween Costume

Aries: Super [You Fill In The Blank]

When consulting Astrid Bly on Aries, she reminded me that Aries is the bold leader of all the astrological signs and should totally rock the part. Whether you’re Super Mom, Super Single, or just want to play the part of Super Woman, this costume is beyond easy to throw together. Grab a mask & cape and then make it your own from there. 

Adult Superhero Cape and Mask

Taurus: Slay Queen

I feel like so many Taurus were simply born in the wrong decade. “The Taurus-born love an excuse to get glam and embody elegance, so why would Halloween be any different?” Astrid reminds us. So, what better costume than a queen? Lucky for us, Amazon Prime exists and you can get an entire look with 2 day shipping. Now that feels like the royal treatment.

Women's Royal Queen Costume

Gemini: Naughty and Nice

We all know and love Gemini’s as the twin sign—typically taking on so many different things that they need to legit clone themselves to get it all done. So, what better way to show off that side of their personality than with a dual costume. This easy zip-up is perfect for last minute, is cozy AF, and will keep you warm in the crisp October air. 

Rubie's Adult Comfy Wear One-Piece Hooded Costume

Cancer: TRL IRL

Cancer is the queen of nostalgia, as a Cancer myself I can 100% attest. When we spoke to Astrid about what might be a good costume for the sensitive sign, she suggested, “Cancers love an old-timey feel, so going as your favorite character from an older movie or dressing as an iconic decade will make for the perfect costume.” And given the fact that the mom in Hocus Pocus went as Madonna to her Halloween party, we will obvi be focusing on the 80’s.

Spooktacular Creations 80s Costume Set

Leo: Did I just see a UFO?

As the sign that loves to have all eyes on them, the only thing appropriate for a last-minute Halloween costume is something that’s literally out of this world. From bold metalics to glitter that will stick with anyone who comes in contact for at least a week, an alien costume feels like the perfect way for Leos to shine. And, don’t be afraid to go all out with your creativity.

Kiddokids Halloween Alien Costume

Virgo: True Crime & Chill

Astrid reminds us that Virgos have extremely clever minds and detail-oriented natures, and shouldn’t be afraid to use that to their advantage. A punny and ironic costume like a “cereal killer” will 100% do the trick. It’s a super simple last-minute costume, too. Just hot glue a few mini cereal boxes to an old T-shirt and accessorize with some fake blood. It’ll be the conversation starter of the evening. Bonus points: you’ll have breakfast covered for a while.

Kellogg's Cold Breakfast Cereal

Halloween Fake Blood Spray Makeup

Libra: If You Wanna Be In My Group Costume

Libra is all about balance and what better way to represent that than by sharing the spotlight as a group costume??? And since the Beckham documentary came out so recently, I don’t think there’s a person in the room who hasn’t thought about the Spice Girls as of late. This costume is super fun, nostalgic, and easy to recreate with things you have at home. But, in case you need a little help, we found a thing or two that qualifies for 2 day shippings (you’re welcome).

Smiffy's Women's 1990's Ginger Power Costume

Scorpio: Witch, please.

If you’re a Scorpio, your birthday might legitimately be ON Halloween. So, why not embrace it alongside your intensity? Go for a classic scary Halloween creature. And, if you’re asking me, I don’t think there’s anything easier to pull together than a witch. Grab a witches hat, an LBD from your closet (I know you have one), and have some fun with your makeup. Halloween only comes one time a year, after all. 

Sagittarius: No turbulence here!

It’s no secret a Sagittarius is a glutton for adventure, so why not manifest that through travel? Air travel that is. Try rocking a flight attendant costume or pay homage to the most iconic Sagittarius, Britney Spears, by imitating her flight attendant costume from the Toxic music video. 

Beelittle Women's Stewardess Costume Accessories

Capricorn: Monday… Tuesday…

Wednesday Addams is an absolute icon and so is every Capricorn I’ve ever met. Known for being mischievous but also earnest from the outside and who better to represent that than Wednesday? She’s a classic Halloween character that knows how to have fun. Plus, pulling this off last minute is easy peasy. Grab a classic black dress with a peter pan collar and throw your hair in pigtail braids. You’re good to go. 

Aphratti Women's Long Sleeve Casual Peter Pan Collar Fit and Flare Skater Dress


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