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Girl Dinner Just Got An Upgrade—Everything You Need For a Perfect Night Alone

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Nothing brings people together quite like the internet. And let me tell you, #girldinner is truly no exception. If you’ve been taking a social media break for your sanity, your phone’s currently sitting in a bag of rice, or you’re just plain living under a rock, let me explain: “Girl Dinner” is a trend that surfaced on TikTok a few weeks ago where people are showing what they eat for dinner when they are (generally speaking) dining alone—an iconic amalgamation of random shit from your fridge and pantry that aren’t really a snack, and also doesn’t really work together as a traditional meal. But, like, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

@gracestamariaamy girl dinner x♬ original sound – karma carr

I think what makes Girl Dinner so fun is the idea that you can really eat whatever the fuck you want. Ice cream cake? Make sure to add a tablespoon of peanut butter! Shrimp cocktail and animal crackers? Be my guest. But, because these combos are slight ~untraditional~ it’s important you have the right essentials to eat them properly. Here are some ideas to make girl dinner even more enjoyable while you’re binge watching Gilmore Girls for the foreseeable future.

  • Eat your Annie’s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese out of a colored wine glass with a chicken nugget garnish
  • Add a snack tray to your emotional support Stanley cup, because TBH, we love a girl who can do both
  • Invest in a good charcuterie board, because on nights where you can’t fit pickles AND olives on the same plate, it’s going to come in handy
  • Wear an ensemble that completes the vibe you’re going for
  • Microwave and eat your ramen noodles out of the same container because it’s not worth the cleanup
  • Find yourself a bowl that’s not shallow enough to be a plate, and not deep enough to be a bowl and eat your Caesar salad out of it (bonus points if it’s paired with french fries or potato chips)
  • Stop eating the crust on your makeshift sandwiches and feed your inner-child
  • Romanticize your fountain diet coke by putting it in the vessel it deserves before drinking it (add some crystalized lime if you’re feeling ~fancy~)
  • Make chips and salsa the main character of your meal without letting your chips get soggy
  • Moving from the couch while eating is less than ideal, so grab a little table for the arm of your couch
  • Boost your serotonin while eating just about anything off this plate
  • Popping that precious corn just got, like, 200x easier (aka, you’ll stop burning kernels)
  • Keep your shredded-cheese-and-tortilla roll ups from melting all over the microwave—we don’t have time for clean ups
Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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