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The Best Last-Minute Gifts For Your Group Chat—From The Life Of The Party To The Mom Of The Crew

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It’s that time of year again when you rack your brain to find the perfect gifts for all your friends. From the beauty queen who knows her way around a contour palette to the trendsetter always a step ahead in fashion, everyone’s group chats are a melting pot of personalities. And let’s not forget the introvert who’s content with a good book, the life of the party who brings the fun wherever they go, the mom of the crew who keeps everyone in check, and the homebody who’s perfected the art of cozy living. This gift guide for your group chat is all about celebrating the people who are a never-ending source of entertainment and support. Here’s the lowdown on what to gift each of these peeps, ensuring that your presents are spot-on for their personalities.

For the beauty queen, think limited-edition makeup sets. For the trendsetter, how about a statement bag they’ll flaunt on their next IG post? The introvert in your crew will love a journal for their thoughts. And what about the life of the party? Think funky portable wine glasses to do pregames the right way. For the mom of the group, consider something that’ll keep her things more organized. And for the homebody, nothing beats a super plush robe. With this guide, you’re not just giving gifts; you’re making every member of your group chat feel seen (and loved, ofc).

Best Gifts For Friends 2023

For the beauty queen:

Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Mini Lip Trio

For the trendsetter:

Katherine Black Extra Large Recycled Vegan Shoulder Bag By Melie Bianco

For the introvert:

The Five Minute Journal

For the life of the party:

Gerrii 6 Pcs Insulated Wine Glasses with Lid

For the mom of the crew:

Bellroy Tech Kit

For the homebody:

Skims Cozy Knit Robe

Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie