It's Frosé Season: Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes June 8-10

The moon moves from Pisces into Aries to start the weekend, making all signs just a little bit more independent. If you’re out drinking this weekend, be prepared for Irish goodbyes, friends going MIA, and the shadiest among you spotted getting into an Uber with any given fuckboy. Text your friends the next morning to make sure you all made it out of the weekend alive. Here are your weekend horoscopes June 8-10.


The moon in your sign awakens your inner boss betch. You’re a go-getter with goals on your mind. This is the weekend to go after what’s yours, whether it be a man, a job, or that apartment that just popped up on Zillow. Normally, I’d say wait to do business until Monday, but you don’t have time to lose! Be like Kim Kardashian visiting the President and get some shit done.


Awkwardness between you and a friend isn’t all in your head. The issue isn’t what it might seem on the surface, though. Like, maybe you think your friend is avoiding you because she hates you, but it’s probably because she just hooked up with your ex and feels shady about it. As a Taurus, you aren’t one to charge into a confrontation, so don’t think you need to be in a rush to bring it up. To quote great mind Kristen Doute, the truth will be revealed soon enough.

Kristen Doute


The Moon in Aries brings out your need to connect. It’s the perfect weekend to drop some ice cubes in your wine (I don’t care if that’s trashy, it’s delicious and refreshing) and have the inner circle over for a chat. Don’t worry about taking action, just talk it out. You’ll be more suited for battle next week when the New Moon is in your sign.


This weekend, the line between what’s personal and what’s private will get blurred. It could be because you get into a drunken spat with your boyfriend while out on the town, or maybe you overshare on Twitter—whatever SNAFU you encounter, just breathe. It might be embarrassing come Monday, but it’ll probably blow over by next weekend.


You feel a strong urge to change scenery thanks to the Moon in Aries. The best course of action would be to get away for the weekend, but, if you’re like, poor or something, making sure that you and your friends don’t do the same old thing could also work. Go to a new bar, meet for drinks at a new happy hour spot after work on Friday, have brunch in a different neighborhood. Change is good, betch.


If you find yourself crying at touching Facebook videos all weekend, don’t be shocked. Your emotional experiences are more intense. That being said, you might not want to go on that Hinge date. It’s likely you’ll fall head over heels and text all your friends that you met “the one”. Don’t do that. You’ll definitely feel the need to ghost that guy by next weekend.


The Moon in Aries illuminates your partnership zone, so it’s a great weekend for one-on-one time. You and your best friend could use a spa day together. You and your boyfriend could use a dinner together that doesn’t involve an NBA Finals game on TV. Unplug, recharge, and reconnect. Shit’s going to get busy for you soon, so this time is precious.


Someone will ask you to come through for them this weekend. Ugh. Like, thanks for the responsibility! Try to have a good attitude about it, because no one is going to kiss your ass for being a martyr. Feel free to nurture yourself too. Give yourself a treat by going home from the party early to sleep or fuck or eat or whatever. There really is no better gift.


This weekend is bound to be one of romance for you. With the Moon in Aries, you’re going to be a little more independent and separate from your friends. Don’t be surprised if your phone blows up with, “Where did you go last night?” texts on Saturday morning. Likewise, it might be a good idea to pack a toothbrush in your purse, if you get what I’m saying.


Staying busy this weekend is the key to your happiness. Something heavy has been on your mind, and it’ll do you some good to just not have to sit and think about it all weekend long. Recruit your craziest friend who will force you to step up the antics. Avoid all friends who like to ask invasive shit like, “How are you?” and “How’s it going?”. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life right now.


You usually use logic and reason to solve your problems, but what comes up this weekend might be a matter of gut feeling. Trust your intuition. If all your friends are buying gas station sushi to meet a late-night craving, maybe just say no unless you want a certain type of gut feeling all weekend long. If your issue is more complex than that, just go with how you feel. It’ll keep you on the right path.


Don’t let self-doubt stop you from doing what you want this weekend. Go ahead, rock that crop top even if your life has been more soul food than SoulCycle lately. Life is really too short to be second-guessing yourself. To quote the biggest douche on The Bachelorette right now: “Before you put your shoes on in the morning, put on your confidence.”

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