The Most Ridiculous Sex And The City Quotes

Let’s be honest, back in the day Sex And The City taught us everything we ever needed to know about girl friends, boyfriends, cosmos and being absolutely ridiculous. It was simultaneously the most educational and unrealistic show of the 2000’s—so today we’re paying homage to our absurd spirit sister, Carrie Bradshaw and her BFFs.

Sex and The City Coffee And Kill Ourselves

Okay, been there.

Buy Vogue Instead Of Dinner SATC 

Can you say eating disorder?

Okay this one’s fine.

Gay Men SATC

How do you have any female friends?

Burger Fries Cosmo SATC

Get it, because they don’t serve Cosmopolitans at drive thrus!

Parties Samantha SATC

 Hear, hear!

Try Sexual SATC

That’s like, mildly offensive.

Where Does The Love Go? SATC

You could try Sears.

Where Is He? Charlotte SATC

You have problems.

Swear on Chanel SATC

Please kill yourselves.

Nipples Are So Hot Right Now SATC

Nipples, so hot right now.

Pessimism Moisturizer SATC

This might be the dumbest thing anyone’s ever said out loud, ever.

I Curse The Day You Were Born SATC

This is not a good comeback.

Forgive and Forget SATC

Deep thoughts by Carrie.

Kegel Exercises SATC

How does Samantha not have like, 1 million STDs?

Fell Asleep Charlotte SATC

LOL, Charlotte, LOL.

Can A Relationship Bring You Back To Life? SATC

No. Definitely Not.

Harsh and Right Samantha SATC

You sound like a catch!

Revirginised Charlotte SATC

Definitely not true, idiot.

Run Free Carrie SATC

Keep running, Carrie, wild and free.

Sami Sage
Sami Sage
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