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Wait, Is Colin Gonna Dump Penelope After The Whistledown Reveal??

Now that we’ve all taken several deep breaths and attempted to collect ourselves after The Carriage Scene (I am very much not collected yet), we have to discuss the whole Colin-not-knowing-about-Whistledown-situation. When he asked her to marry him at the end of season 3 episode 4, I did a little happy shriek and dance, but then I felt a pit in my stomach. Colin said earlier in the season that he “despises” LW and promised to ensure that her life is “ruined.” To be fair, Penelope did write that he “seems to have embraced a new personality entirely,” and called that “a ploy for attention.” Buttt, Colin deserved that roast and much more. Like, I’d call it karma, not bullying.

Despite his less-than-impressive moments, I still like these two together ’cause you simply can’t ignore the fiery chemistry. That’s why I’m feeling so anxious right now. Is Colin gonna dump Penelope after all this pining and reckoning and carriage-kissing?? Is Polin actually gonna get married? How is the Lady Whistledown reveal gonna go down? Thank goodness we have the books to give us some hints about what’s coming in the second installment of season 3. Here’s what I know.

How Does Colin React To Penelope Being Lady Whistledown?

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in 'Bridgerton'
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Okay, so the TV version of this storyline is already quite different from the book. In the novel, Lady Danbury urges the public to uncover the gossip queen’s identity and Colin becomes convinced that Eloise is Lady Whistledown. Then, Cressida goes rogue and tells everyone that she’s Lady Whistledown. Shockingly, they don’t all believe her.

Colin ends up discovering Penelope’s iconic secret when he follows her to a church and sees her drop off an envelope with Whistledown writings. (They’re still *just* BFFS at this point.) He confronts her, they have a heated argument in the carriage on the way home… and then The Carriage Scene happens. So yeah, the order is all outta whack in the Netflix show. He still proposes to her at the end of that epic scene, but he already knows the truth when he does.

However, Penelope’s petite lie still causes some issues in their relationship and Colin starts to question how he really feels about her.

Do Colin And Penelope Get Married?

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan in 'Bridgerton'
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Despite this major reveal, Colin does marry Penelope in the book. He’s kind of insecure about her success, so she encourages him to turn his own passion for writing into a career. I love when I have to gently convince men that they don’t have to be insecure/shouldn’t take out that anger on me.

But that’s not the end! Cressida manages to figure out that Penelope equals LW and attempts to blackmail her. Fortunately, Colin is a hero and decides they should share Penelope’s secret themselves before Cressida gets the chance to use it against them. After Penelope gives her husband her blessing, he tells the truth (during a ball, of course). Sooo… I really have no clue how this will all play out in the series. I sincerely hope they still get married and Colin’s able to accept his wife’s hard-hitting journalism.

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