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Sydney Sweeney Debuts Lord Farquaad Bob At The Met Gala. Is It Here To Stay?

Ah the Met Gala. Remember when we thought Blake Lively and Rihanna would steal the show, and that Hailey Bieber was pregnant, and instead we got 85 people in flowers and Kim Kardashian with no ribs? Well, that’s the way the Met Gala’s cookie crumbles, I guess. Still, the one thing that I didn’t expect to keep me up at night was Sydney Sweeney’s new hair. The blonde beauty gave the internet a heart attack when she walked onto the red — excuse me, green — carpet on Monday night with a Lord Farquaad bob. (Like jet black, slightly below chin-length, with blunt bangs.) My first thought: Is she going through a break up? A little mental breakdown?! Friends and loved ones are scared!

When she debuted her ’50s bob at the Vanity Fair‘s Oscar Party back in March, I quite literally put out a public service announcement: “Don’t cut off your hair just because Sydney Sweeney did!” Welp… let’s just say, I’m no longer at risk for a fuck-ass bob.

So, did Sydney Sweeney dye her hair? Thankfully, the answer is no. IT’S A WIG! Celebrity hair stylist, Glen Oropeza confirmed via email. I could cry I’m so relieved. Now, excuse me while I go look at photo’s of Megan Fox’s fuck-ass bob and convince myself not to make the leap. It’s a dangerous world out there. Thankfully for Sydney Sweeney, I now know the risk I’m truly taking. 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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