Did Kylie Jenner Lie About Eating Cereal With Milk For The First Time?

A few days back, Kylie Jenner sent the internet into a minor frenzy when she tweeted that she had just eaten cereal with milk for the first time the night before. We can debate why this is newsworthy in 2018, but either way, it’s weird AF. As we all know, Kylie is a 21-year-old adult and mother. It is truly wild to imagine that she waited her entire life to have the world’s most normal breakfast. Has she never eaten cereal at all? Is she not counting like, soy milk or almond milk as milk? Is she an oatmeal kind of girl? So many questions!

But thanks to some expert social media sleuthing, it was revealed that Kylie might not have even been telling the truth. This is all so weird. What incentive would Kylie have to lie about not eating cereal with milk for 21 years of her life?? Below, please find Kylie’s original tweet, followed by Joseph Shepherd (truly doing the Lord’s work) coming back with some incredible receipts from 2013.

You’ve heard the arguments, and you’ve seen the evidence. On this episode of Betches Court, all that’s left is to come to a verdict.

Is it milk or yogurt in the bowl? There’s no way to know for sure, and I doubt Kylie will ever come forward to speak her truth on this important matter. I, however, am going to take Kylie’s side on this one. While she might not have been completely truthful, I think this is a photo of yogurt. See the way the fruit looks like it’s suspended on top of the liquid? Milk isn’t thick enough to do this! The cereal doesn’t even look wet! I’m not saying it couldn’t be milk, but I’m putting my money on yogurt. Kylie might have lied about getting her lip injections taken out, but I don’t think she’s completely lying about the liquid substance in her cereal.

Join us next week, when we’ll probably have to debate whether or not Kendall like gummy worms, or some sh*t like that. Now, I’m headed to the kitchen to pour myself a giant bowl of cereal (and milk), because now I’m craving it. Thank you Kylie, for being such a wonderful source of inspiration.

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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