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The Horniest Regency Rizz From 'Bridgerton' Season 3 And How To Use It

At long last Shonda Rhimes and the geniuses at Netflix have delivered Bridgerton season 3. Well, don’t get too excited too soon, only the first four episodes were released on May 16 with a second drop of the four final episodes arriving June 13, 2024. But still, Bridgerton is back, baby! And in case you were worried, it’s just as sexy as ever to fulfill all of your period-piece fantasies. This time the younger squad is stepping up to the plate to shine as the A team of the eligible elite getting their flirt on in the hopes of being wed, while the older siblings have run off to enjoy matrimony and babies. As always with Bridgerton the sexual tension is off the charts before the lords and ladies hit the sheets. Characters both married and sinfully single are throwing rizz left, right, and center through Queen Charlotte’s court and it’s low-key inspiring us to bring the regency-style rizz to the real world to make the Bridgerton fantasy a reality. Here are all the sexiest foreplay lines from Bridgerton season 3 and how you can use them next Friday night at the bar.

Colin Rizzing Up Randoms Fresh Off His World Tour (Episode 1)

Colin 'Bridgerton'
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The line: My stories from abroad are not suitable for such tender young ladies. Were I to tell you even the tiniest adventure, I’d be forced to marry you.

When to use it: After he replies to your hot travel picture from somewhere impressive on your dating profile and you want to save the story for the first date.

The Viscounts Making An Heir…ish (Episode 1)

Kate and Anthony 'Bridgerton'
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Anthony: What’s happening out there cannot be as important to what’s happening down here.

When to use it: Let’s say things are getting hot and heavy but someone gets distracted by their phone or that movie you pretended you actually planned to watch or literally anything. This is a sexier way to get your partner’s attention than the age-old go-to “Hello?!”

Kate And Anthony’s Love Bubble (Episode 1)

Kate and Anthony 'Bridgerton'
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The line: We have our lives to be the viscount and viscountess. For now, the only duty that interests me is making an heir.

When to use it: It’s so easy to fall into the rhythm of acting more like roommates than lovers once you finally move in with your sig o. Why not channel Kate Sharma’s energy when the chores and responsibilities are piling up but you could use a little fun break from playing mom and dad?

Lady Featherington’s Guide To Get Those Britches Off (Episode 2)

Lady Featherington 'Bridgerton'
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The line: A woman’s pleasure is somewhat more subtle than a man’s.

When to use it: If he’s, how shall we say it delicately, ramming the carriage during a royal ride around the castle, don’t be afraid to let him know he needs to reset the pace.

The Mondrich’s Genteel Slumber Party (Episode 2)

The Mondricks 'Bridgerton'
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The line: Away with clothes.

When to use it: Sometimes you need to keep it simple and to the point.

Penelope Got Reckless (Episode 2)

Penelope and Colin 'Bridgerton'
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The Line: Would you kiss me? It would not have to mean anything and I would never expect anything from you because of it but I am nearly on the shelf and I have never been kissed and I am not certain I ever will be. I could die tomorrow.

When to use it: Listen, I don’t encourage delulu behavior but sometimes the girls feel the need to lay it all out there so you might as well sound poetic if you’re going to beg/guilt your ex into giving you another shot.

Lady Tilley’s Full Of Hot Air (Episode 3)

Lady Tilley 'Bridgerton'
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The line: I’m all for brute strength. In fact I much prefer it to aimless talking.

When to use it: If the date isn’t going anywhere because your suitor isn’t exactly a wordsmith, but he’s still really hot, you can use this one to get the party started and the small talk over.

Colin To Penelope In The Carriage (Episode 4)

Colin and Penelope 'Bridgerton'
Image Credit: Netflix

The line: But these past few weeks have been full of confounding feelings. Feelings like a total inability to stop thinking about you. About that kiss. Feelings like dreaming of you when I’m asleep, and in fact preferring sleep because that is where I might find you. A feeling that is like torture but one which I cannot, will not, do not want to give up.

When to use it: When you’re secretly in love with your best friend that you were pretending to date as a joke but now you’re about to propose for her hand in marriage as a fun midnight surprise, obvi. Or if you’re not Colin Bridgerton for some reason, this would be lovely on a card sent with a ridiculously large bouquet of flowers to the person you’d like to go exclusive with after sealing the deal.

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