How To Make A Classic Cosmo Cocktail For The 'And Just Like That' Premier

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A cheeseburger, large fries, and a cosmopolitan—An elite dinner combination if you’re asking literally any Millennial woman who grew up watching TV in the ’90s. (Myself included.) When I inevitably hit the age where having a signature cocktail was the ~chic~ thing to do (you mean I shouldn’t be drinking straight off-label vodka anymore?), I couldn’t help but wonder if a cosmo would be my drink of choice. After all, Carrie and the entire Sex And The City crew drank them as if they were legit water. Plus, the ingredient list is short and sweet—kind of like Harry Goldenblatt—which made the idea of making one without the help of a bartender feel a little less intimidating. And sure enough, once I made one, I knew it was going to be a staple in my life like Manolos are in Carrie’s.

Given the fact that Sex and The City turned 25 years old this month, and the second season of And Just Like That is premiering tonight, it only seemed responsible of me to stop gatekeeping my ~perfected~ recipe. Plus, simply knowing that Kim Cattrall is going to make an appearance at some point this season is cause enough to celebrate with a drink. So get your martini glass and your BFFs—this drink is good.

A Classic Cosmopolitan


Accoutrement (that are obviously necessary AF):

Combine vodka, Triple Sec, and cranberry juice like Carrie combines Big and Aiden while at the house upstate (but like, with ice in the cocktail shaker). Shake vigorously and strain into the martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and enjoy every Thursday alongside all the cringey moments in a new episode of And Just Like That.


Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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