The Absolute Comfiest Clothing For Spending Valentine's Day Single & Alone

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re planning on spending it alone for, let’s say the 23rd consecutive year in a row, you might as well get prepared. If staying in alone surrounded by takeout boxes and glasses you keep forgetting to take out of your room isn’t your idea of the perfect night, you’re doing it all wrong. Here are a few super fluffy pieces you can order (like, let’s not get drastic here and take a trip outdoors) to ensure your Valentine’s Day outfit is comfy AF.

1. UGG Australia Miranda Robe

I don’t care what anyone says; I still really love Uggs. If Cardi B says they’re still okay to wear, they’re still okay to wear. This is actually just an Ugg for your entire body, which even if slightly basic, is the most wonderful thing ever.

Ugg Australia Miranda Robe

2. A New Day Faux Fur Lined Footless Tights

I know Blair Waldorf said tights aren’t pants, but in this case, I could not give less of a shit. I wear faux fur lined footless tights as frequently as possible, because they are the greatest invention ever. I mean, they will make your legs look a little thicker than they really are, but that’s definitely better than throwing on a pair of basically see-through leggings to run downstairs to meet the delivery guy.

A New Day Fleece Lined Footless Tights

3. Onepiece Original Slim Onesie

Celebs are literally obsessed with Onepiece onesies (and we are too), so you should def treat yourself to one. I mean, even Kris Jenner has a few. This onesie is way better than the stupid unicorn alternatives that have been popping up everywhere, because a) it doesn’t have a fucking unicorn horn on it and b) if you were going to throw a parka and Uggs on over this, it’s not immediately obvious that you’re wearing a onesie.

Onepiece Original Slim Onesie

4. UO Fuzzy Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

Don’t have a bae to buy you an adorable oversized teddy this Valentine’s Day? I mean, whatever, where were you going to put that anyway? Just buy yourself this sweatshirt and wear it for like, three days straight while you binge Black Mirror alone.

UO Fuzzy Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

5. Aerie Sherpa Baseball Hat

While you’re trying to beat your personal record for most consecutive episodes watched, you really don’t want to worry about doing your hair. But, on the off chance that you want some kind of food that cannot be delivered, you can just throw on this hat, dip out for a few minutes, and hope you don’t run into anyone you know. (Sidenote: If every single type of food you want to have delivered isn’t constantly available to you at the push of a button, you need to move. Seriously.)

Aerie Sherpa Baseball Hat

Image: Mc Jefferson Agloro / Unsplash

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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