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Every Big Story From The First Weekend Of Coachella

Because we hope you spent your weekend not caring about anything other than what time happy hour starts, we’re bringing you our Pop Culture Roundup. Your one and only stop for the top five pop culture moments from this weekend that will get you through your mid-day Monday slump. It’s like cold brew for the soul.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Take Coachella

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The way these two looked so NORMAL at Coachella is kind of blowing my mind. They were jamming out to Ice Spice’s remix of “Karma” and looking, I cannot stress this enough, so perfectly average. Taylor wore a New Heights baseball hat, a chill leather jacket, and her signature red lip. Travis looks like his luggage got lost on the way to Palm Springs he had to throw together random pieces of clothing, but in a good way? Living for every angle video of the two of them grinding in a crowd. More, please!

Kesha Says Fuck P-Diddy

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Kesha joined Reneé Rapp’s Coachella set and sang her iconique hit song “TiK ToK,” but made a very notable change to the lyrics. Her and Renee both started the song shouting “Wake up in the morning like fuck P. Diddy” and then they flipped off the crowd. It was perfect. 

Olivia Rodrigo Joined No Doubt On Stage

olivia rodrigo coachella
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Midway through No Doubt’s Coachella set, Gwen Stefani announced Olivia Rodrigo and the CROWD. WENT. WILD. Olivia joined the band on stage wearing an I Heart ND shirt. And sang with Gwen in a back-and-forth rendition of No Doubt’s “Bathwater.” It was a fever dream in the best way possible and only further confirms the punk princess era is here for the foreseeable future.

The Biebs Is Back

Justin Bieber did his thing at Coachella. He made a surprise performance at Coachella during Tems’ set, kissed Jaden Smith on the cheek, and brought a bunch of women in their early 30s back to their glory days. Just an overall 10/10 showing for JB.

Lana Del Rey’s Coachella Entrance Will Go Down In History

@jessicagolich Such a BOSS move by Lana! 🫶 #lanadelreycoachella #lanadelreycoachella2024 #coachella24 #coachella #lanacoachella #coachella2024 #coachellaweekedone2024 ♬ original sound – JessicaGolich

Lana quite literally floated into Coachella on the back of a motorcycle as if she was just strolling into her local CVS. It was etherial, effortless, and so fucking cool. Billie Eilish joined her on stage to sing “Ocean Eyes” and it will be replaying in my heart and on my FYP from now until forever.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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