Clinique's Crayola Crayons Are The Throwback Nobody Asked For

At first, ‘90s nostalgia was harmless. Cute, even. But then it went from mildly obnoxious Buzzfeed listicles to Lisa Frank hair and now we’ve reached the point where I’m supposed to pretend to be excited by Crayola face crayons. Yes, Clinique has released a limited edition collection of their Chubby Stick, and while typing those words would normally set my heart aflutter, the collaboration is with Crayola, as in the brand of crayons your little brother used to shove up his nose. When will the madness end?

The collection is designed to look like real crayons in the iconic Crayola box. It only comes in shades of pink and red, so at least you’re not expected to start wearing periwinkle lipstick (yet).

If, for some unfathomable reason, drawing on your face like a kindergartener appeals to you, the regular size sticks go for $17. You can get four minis for $25, or a set of eight if you’re prepared to drop $49.50 and your dignity.

Eye Roll

I guess the silver lining is that so-called beauty bloggers will stop using actual fucking crayons as makeup (yes, that is real) and giving themselves hideous eye infections in the process. Small favors, etc. etc.