Chrissy Teigen Revealed The Gender Of Her Baby In The Most Subtle Way Possible

Chrissy Teigen, who can do no wrong, walked the red carpet last night and SLAYED in a silver Yanina Couture dress for the Grammys which showed off her oh-so-perf baby bump. Though we’re quite sure Giuliana was foaming at the mouth to get the gender reveal deets before anyone else and probably was ready to literally fight Seacrest for the announcement (tbh would pay to see that shit), Teigen kept it chill and quiet until she decided to reveal her baby’s gender on Insta DURING THE AWARDS.

The post, which says “Mama and her baby boy” with a photo of Teigen in her Grammys dress, hand on belly, is subtle, presh, and so low-key—way better than your cousin Catherine dragging you to her gender reveal party just so you could watch her cut into a cake filled with blue M&Ms. Teigen and hubs John Legend left the awards early in true betch fashion, probably so they could shit on performers and presenters from the comfort of their own home and see how many likes Chrissy’s post could get. These people are my literal spirit animals—I just don’t get why they still have yet to respond to my requests to hang out.


mama and her baby boy

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The baby is the second for these two. In case you missed it, they birthed the literally perfect Luna almost two years ago (throwback to her hot dog Halloween costume) and allowed her to announce the second pregnancy in the first place.

Start taking bets now on what the name for this future trust fund baby will be. We’re guessing something astrological in keeping with Luna’s theme … maybe Starshine, Eclipse, or Moonbeam Legend. Bless.