Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant Again, And The Way She Announced It Is Everything

In the dumpster fire that is 2017, finally we have some good news. Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with her second child, and I for one am just glad it wasn’t another Kardashian. Seriously, Kris, there’s only so much the world can take. But a Legend-Teigen baby? I am on board. (Which is really what’s important here, not the wishes of the people actually having the baby.)

Chrissy broke the news in an Instagram video where Chrissy is showing Luna her belly and asks, “Luna, what’s this?” Luna says what I presume is “baby” in her adorable baby voice. I mean, Luna is a year old so she can’t really talk yet (can 1-year-olds talk?), but it’s pretty obvious that’s what she’s getting at. Luna is TRYING, okay?! Anyway, Chrissy posted the video with the caption, “it’s John’s!” So that confirms that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are having another baby.


it’s john’s!

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I know I’m like, the resident ruiner of happiness here at Betches (deep-seated problems? What deep-seated problems?), but I literally cannot come up with one bad thing to say about this news. Chrissy Teigen is an amazing mom, cook, and all-around human. John Legend, while perhaps the human incarnation of Arthur Read, is a great dad, singer, and husband. They’re just great people (I say this as a close personal friend of the Teigen-Legends). They also own three bulldogs, one of whom is a puppy. Ugh. I just can’t, you guys. I just love them so much. I love them more than my own family.

I mean, even the way Chrissy announced her pregnancy was everything. She didn’t leak some half-baked rumors to the press and then make us wait nine months to watch the news we’ve known for months to air on her reality TV show. She didn’t announce it at anyone’s wedding (unlike SOME people I know, *cough cough* cousin Margaret). She just kept it classy and low-key and then sat back and watched while we all ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. To quote Leslie Knope, I’m literally having so many thoughts and feelings that I’m paralyzed right now, but it’s fine.

So congrats to Chrissy and John, may you guys stay together forever because if you two don’t make it, I’ll know love does not exist. No pressure or anything.