Your Ideal Caribbean Vacation, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You know what you deserve, like ASAP? A vacation. And I’m not just talking about a long weekend where you take Friday or Monday off and tell yourself it’ll be enough time. No, I’m talking about the *real* thing—a full week, maybe even two. After all, it’s been a helluva year and chances are you didn’t use up nearly enough PTO. You’re probably feeling burnt out and in desperate need of—as our boy Ken would say—beach. Picture it now: The sunshine on your skin, sand in between your toes (and nowhere else, thank you!), and the sound of waves lulling you to sleep after your second (or third) frozen cocktail. Sounds pretty blissful, right? That’s a rhetorical question, obviously.

Well, lucky for you (and me!), CheapCaribbean can turn this dream into a reality without burning a hole in your wallet. Case in point: The trusted travel company offers budget-friendly tropical vacation packages, all-inclusive getaways to otherworldly destinations, and exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. Period. Have a hard time deciding where to go? That’s where CheapCaribbean comes in. They worked with chief astrologist Valerie Mesa to help travelers use their astrological charts to help book their vacations. And since they don’t believe in breaking the bank for a luxe vacation, CheapCaribbean’s new Budget Beach Finder can help you search ALL of the destinations in your budget in just one click. 

Now, are you ready to plan a getaway that’ll make all of your IG followers jealous? Ahead, we chatted with Mesa to find your ultimate vacation destination—plus, what to do and where to eat while you’re there—all based on your astrological sign. (PS: All of these resorts can be booked through CheapCaribbean, so you can play without a headache even when Mercury is retrograde.)

Image Credit: Courtesy of Cheap Caribbean.


You’re an adventure girlie through and through who thrives in dynamic environments where you can confidently explore your surroundings and learn about different cultures. You need a healthy dose of spontaneity and all the adventure-filled activities.

Where to: Jamaica obviously. You’ll swoon over the vibrant mix of beautiful beaches, exciting water sports, and lively reggae culture. 

What to do: Stay at the Breathless Montego Bay and check out the Canopy and River and Tubing Combo with Amstar

Where to eat: Dine at Altitude at the Breathless Montego Bay. It offers stunning panoramic views and blends together elements of all different culinary traditions. 


You’re someone who likes to stop and smell the roses so places that are both low-key and aesthetically pleasing are right up your alley. 

Where to: With its next-level beauty and ultra-relaxed feel, St. Lucia is the spot for you. 

What to do: Relax at the Royalton Saint Lucia, An Autograph Collection and explore the island’s famous Sulphur Springs. 

Where to eat: Dine at the Grazie Italian Trattoria located at the resort, which features a dreamy open-air setting and authentic Italian comfort food.


You fancy a fast-paced, buzzing environment that keeps you on your toes and has a ton of activities to choose from.
Where to: Los Cabos is as lively and fun as it gets while still being relaxing, making it the perfect place for you. 

What to do: Stay at the Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa. When you’re not enjoying the incredible on-site spa services, venture out for some Whale Watching.

Where to eat: As a gemini you love variety, and luckily Dreams Los Cabos has a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from. Treat yourself and try a different spot every night. 


The more scenic and romantic a destination, the better. You need a spot that’s relaxing, private, and full of delicious food and views.

Where to: With a well-spring of relaxing resorts to choose from, The Bahamas is calling your name.

What to do: Shack up at the all-inclusive Riu Palace Paradise Island. With its ethereal white sand beaches and private hammocks to relax in, you’ll never want to leave. 

Where to eat: Dine at Open Air for its romantic vibes, top-notch views, and incredible food.


You’re drawn to luxury, beauty, and romance, so you need a festive five-star-level spot with amazing views and all the amenities. 

Where to: You’re a sucker for the royal treatment — well, Turks and Caicos won’t let you down. 

What to do: Get pampered at the Seven Stars Resort & Spa  before embarking on the Iguana Island Mangrove Tour to satisfy your adventurous side. 

Where to eat: Dine at The Farm on Grace Bay which serves up only the freshest flavors from the island in an array of delicious vegetable-centric dishes. 


When traveling, you aim to feel active, grounded, and mentally stimulated. Sure, the beach is important, but it definitely shouldn’t be the only thing to do.
Where to: Famed for its beautiful blue beaches, historical sites, and friendly locals, you’ll adore Antigua

What to do: Stay at the Royalton Antigua, An Autograph Collection where you can experience the iconic Shirley Heights Lookout. The view will blow you away. 

Where to eat: Dine at the Caribbean Restaurant & Grill and try the fresh lobster tail and conch fritters. 

Woman in a hot tub overlooking a pool in Mexico.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Cheap Caribbean.


You need a crazy beautiful location with a rich culture and ways to connect with locals and other travelers alike. 

Where to: Book your trip to Costa Rica for its one-of-a-kind activities and popping social scene. 

What to do: After settling in at the Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica, book yourself a Catamaran Cruise with Flamingo Adventures for a truly unforgettable travel memory. 

Where to eat: Enjoy live music, ocean views, and mouth-watering food at Aqua Sport Playa Hermosa. 


You prefer unique experiences that teach you about a place’s culture and people. A fun nightlife is also a must. 

Where to: Puerto Vallarta is a great-go to spot with loads of museums, historical sites, traditional food, and lively music.

What to do: Stay at the Dreams Bahia Mita Surf & Spa Resort, which is close to all of the prime spots. Book the Puerto Vallarta City Tour for a full look at the colorful mecca and all it has to offer—including a tequila factory. 

Where to eat: Dine on-site at El Patio where you’ll have some seriously next-level authentic Mexican cuisine.


Spontaneous, free-spirited, and obsessed with food, you need a spot with good eats and great day and night experiences. 

Where to: You’ll adore Aruba thanks to its vibrant nightlife, water sports, and delicious food options.

What to do: Stay at the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort and book the Full Day UTV Off-Road Adventure With Snorkel And Flamingo

Where to eat: Have a sublime steak experience at L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House. 


You’re ambitious, pragmatic, and traditional, but you also tend to have very high expectations, so you need a spot where you know you’ll get your money’s worth, but that also feels luxurious and exclusive. 

Where to: You’ll love Punta Cana for its wide array of all-inclusive resort experiences. 

What to do: Stay at Iberostar Grand Bavaro where you can chill by the pool or at the beach, enjoy a luxe spa experience, or even enjoy a personalized butler service. 

Where to eat: Try the surf and turf at Casa de la Playa where you can also soak up the gorgeous ocean-front views. 


You often prefer tech-savvy vacay spots where you can indulge in your digital dreams — but you’re also drawn to community-driven experiences so having the freedom to explore the city is a must. 

Where to: With its rich culture, modern accommodations, and unbeatable off-the-beaten path adventures, Curacao is the perfect place for you. 

What to do: Lodge at Zoetry Curacao Resort & Spa and book the Willemstad City Tour to learn all about the interesting local culture of Curacao. 

Where to eat: Dine at Bloom and indulge in international cuisine with a Curacao twist.


You love to lounge and could spend all your days at the beach swooning over scenic views, so a spot that’s all about ocean life is non-negotiable.

Where to: With your deep love for the ocean, Cozumel is the ultimate destination. 

What to do: Stay at Dreams Cozumel Cape Resort & Spa and book a Sea Lion Interactive excursion where you can actually swim with sea lions. 

Where to eat: Why leave your suite if you don’t have to? Opt for an indulgent room service moment at Dreams Cozumel Cape Resort & Spa.