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Cartoon "Hear Me Outs" That Got Me Through Puberty

Sometime between childhood and adulthood, the “cooties” we usually associate with early adolescent crushes turn into butterflies. For some, the realization comes from that kid at recess you used to roll your eyes at and suddenly can’t breathe around. But for others, it’s that cartoon character you just love watching a little too much. Don’t pretend you’re better than me, we all had a cartoon sexual awakening — even if you’re trying to act like you didn’t.

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Listen there is no shame in being horny over a cartoon. Some of these animators are really talented. And even though I don’t indulge myself… hello, hentai exists for a reason. Also, let’s be honest — for some people, cartoons are a lot less embarrassing than the actual people we’ve dated (@ every guy I’ve ever been with). And while some people may have had one or two cartoons that really did it for them, I, being the overachiever I am, have compiled a list of all the cartoon sexual awakenings I’ve ever had. If you feel your heart skip a beat a little seeing any names, I’m right there with you. 

In honor of TikTok’s “Hear Me Out” trend, here are the cartoon sexual awakenings that got me through puberty. If you disagree with any of the names on this list, I’m so sorry but that’s your problem and you’re wrong. 


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Now that I’m older and wouldn’t go for someone with no job or money, Aladdin isn’t as appealing. But back in the day? The boyish charm? The fact that Disney finally had an ethnic person for me to lust over? The pecks? It was too much for younger-me to handle. 

Danny Phantom

danny phantom
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Yes, I mean Phantom and not Fenton. Danny Fenton was a fine-looking boy who was kind of a loser. Danny Phantom was the super hot superhero with beautiful hair. 


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Who doesn’t like a bad boy who’s totally misunderstood by his family? 

Teen Simba

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Okay, I understand this is the second lion on this list but hear me out. Something about Simba’s playful mischievousness was just super cute.  

Princess Jasmine

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To this day, Princess Jasmine is one of the hottest cartoon characters I’ve ever seen. Everyone had a crush on her. 


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The same way everyone likes a bad boy, we all love a bad betch! And Shego was definitely that. Sure, she terrorized Kim Possible every second of every day, but sometimes she deserved it!


Image Credit: Disney

Meg from Hercules was like, next level hot. Seriously, looking back we never stood a chance. 


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Who you liked better (Starfire or Raven) from Teen Titans was basically a personality trait. But when it comes to sexual awakenings, Raven takes the cake for me. 

Mrs. Incredible

mrs incredible
Image Credit: Disney

Do you see the way she’s built??

Li Shang

li shang
Image Credit: Disney

I’m sorry, you’re going to tell me you weren’t in love with the super muscular and brave military general who wanted to make his father proud? Yeah, okay. 

Mulan (as both a man and woman)

Image Credit: Disney

Mulan was a conundrum for closeted bisexuals everywhere. She was hot whether she was Mulan or Ping (just not the scene where she tries to spit). 

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.