by Betches

The Betches are not only here to entertain you online, they’re here to make your life way better with their New York Times Best Selling satirical self help books. While most self help books make you feel like a loser while you sit at home and stuff your face with Chipotle while crying about why your friend didn’t invite you to her pregame, these books give you the advice you’ve been asking for without having to take yourself too seriously

In their first book Nice Is Just a Place in France, The Betches will teach you about basically everything from managing your friend group to helping you realize that you don’t need anyone else to be like, literally amazing.

In their second book, I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies: How to Find Love and Sh*t Like That, they break down all the dating advice that your therapist definitely knows but is too sensitive to tell you. Learn everything from how to get your shit together in order to be ready to find love to how to compose yourself for when your boyfriend buys you the wrong engagement ring. These books will change your life. You’re welcome.

the betches

Coming Soon: Book 3. Fall 2018