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Here at Betches, we love our animals probably more than we like each other. Like, we actually have an entire slack channel dedicated simply to sharing photos of our furry friends. When we’re not DMing our coworkers photos of our dogs during working hours, we’re probably staying up until 3AM scrolling TikTok to find a kibble that promises to make them live forever (the jury’s still out on that one). So, it probably comes at no surprise that we treat our pets like the literal kings and queens that they are by buying them nothing but the best shit we can get our hands on.

Before you have a panic attack about us gatekeeping, take a deep fucking breath because the Betches team loves to brag talk about their pets and I put together a list of office fave pet products you can shop rn. Let’s get to it.

A Pet Carrier For When Your Dog Doesn’t Fit Into A Bag

“This is for the big boys and girls—the ones that can’t fit in a bag no matter how hard you try. Or, if your pup just doesn’t like the confines of a bag, this is the perfect solution for toting them around with you on the subway, in stores, or if you’re like Harvey, are just spoiled AF. Also, let’s be SO for real right now. He looks cute as hell, and frankly, so does my husband.” — Karla Barone Sudhalter, Director, Integrated Marketing 

Shop it: Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack, $22.94, Amazon

A Hair Remover Because You Can Leave Home Wearing Black Without It

“This thing has literally saved my sanity every day because I have no backbone and let my dog lay anywhere it wants (yes, my side of the bed included). It takes way less time than getting the vacuum out every hour to pick up all the pet hair that seems to gather like Swifties at The Era’s Tour.”—Lily Clarkson, Marketing Manager

Shop it: ChomChom Pet Hair Remover, $25.45, Amazon

Finally, A Dog Toy You Don’t Have To Clean Up After

“As a millennial pet parent, I have shamelessly purchased every dog toy under the sun. From stuffed animals to chew toys to monthly subscription boxes, you can find it all in my dog’s overflowing toy bin. Yet in his typical spoiled boy behavior, Otis is extremely particular and refused to play with anything other than a tennis ball. Since he shreds actual tennis balls like it’s his job, I got him the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, allowing him the joy of a tennis ball, while allowing myself the joy of not constantly cleaning up tennis ball fuzz. Bonus points if you get the ChuckIt! Ball Launcher, truly a game changer at the dog park. Just be warned, the ball that’s included is a fuzzy orange tennis ball, one that went into hiding as soon as it entered our house.” — Amy Clackner, Content Manager 


Shop it: ChuckIt! Ulta Ball, $8.49, AmazonChuckIt! Classic Ball Launcher, $9.98, Amazon

A Treat Jar So Good, You Could Put Your Own Treats In It

“This is one of those pet products that you didn’t know you needed until you have it. It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing than a cardboard box of treats. It’s airtight so it also keeps treats from going stale. TBH, I might have to use it for my own chips because the clips just aren’t cutting it anymore.” — Nicole Pellegrino, Director, TikTok & Strategy

Shop it: Airtight Dog Treat Container, $29.99, Amazon

A Safe Place For Your Passenger Princess

“If you didn’t already know with the amount I post my dog on Instagram, I love my dog literally more than life itself and I take her with me everywhere (yes, all 60 lbs of her). She’s a rescue and has always been afraid of  the car but after some research I found this back-seat pet hammock contraption. We tried it on our first 3 hour car ride, and I’ve got to say, my passenger princess totally loved it. Not only does it keep her safe from sliding around in the backseat, but it keeps the car clean from all her fur. It’s a win-win.” — Abbey Westlin, Branded and Affiliate Content Editor

Shop it: Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat, $24.29, Amazon

We’re All Cleaning Up Shit So You Better Have Good Bags For It

“Can I write an entire ode to compostable poop bags? Not only are they good for the environment, but they also seem to be easier to open one-handed in the freezing cold. And considering the weathering in NYC can’t make up its mind, they’s been truly essential on our daily walks.” — David Spiegel, Chief Revenue Officer

Shop it: Doggy Do Good Poop Waste Bags, $11.99, Amazon

Honorable Mentions That The Entire Team Could Agree On

Summer is quickly approaching and this bed will keep your pup cool AF during the warm weather months. Also, if you’re dog is a chronic chewer and tends to destroy any soft bed you get them, this raised bed is a great option.

Shop it: Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, $30.26, Amazon

I know I’m not a cat, but if I could physically fit myself into this, I would. What cat (or human) wouldn’t want to just bask in the sunlight all day while enjoying the view?

Shop it: Cat Window Hammock Perch, $20.99, Amazon

Perfect for literally all the pets in your house, this set including an automatic water dispenser and feeder uses gravity instead of electricity. Which is something the planet and your wallet would both be proud of.

Shop it: Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser, $24.59, Amazon

As if it wasn’t already obvious, the goodest boys and girls deserve treats. And these treats feel extra ~chic~ considering they are handcrafted using ancient techniques. Plus, I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t like cheese.

Shop it: Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese, $5.59

I’d be remise if I didn’t mention cat crack. I’m not kidding when I say cats go nuts for this shit.

Shop it: Cat Crack Catnip, $11.99, Amazon


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Abbey Westlin
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