All The Dumbest Quotes From Betsy DeVos' Embarrassing '60 Minutes' Interview

If you’re looking for some quality comedic content, I suggest watching the 60 Minutes interview with Betsy DeVos. She looks legit terrified the entire time. Like, it looks as though she is internally screaming, “OH GOD, I HOPE SHE DOESN’T ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT SCHOOLS.” Unfortunately for DeVos, she does get asked about schools. And as the Secretary of Education, she doesn’t seem to know how schools work. Word.

In case you don’t have time to watch Betsy DeVos not know how to answer basic questions about education, we have picked out the dumbest quotes from the interview. Talking shit, it’s what we do best. Once you’re done laughing at how dumb DeVos sounds in this interview, remember that children’s lives are in her hands and her complete incompetence has real and devastating effects. Sorry, the truth hurts.[/embed]

“We need to be investing in students, not in school buildings.”

Is her plan to hand out cash to the students individually? No more renovations for these school buildings, let’s get these kids some cash! What did school buildings ever to do DeVos? Does she realize the students that she wants to invest in need the buildings in order to go to school? Does she know what a school building is? These are the Q’s that I have.

“There are certainly lots of pockets where schools are doing well.”

Ah yes, the pockets. Love a good pocket. Love visiting a pocket and being like, “hey, schools seem to be doing well here.” As long as there are pockets where schools are doing well, DeVos has clearly done her job. Lol jk she sucks.[/embed]

“I hesitate to talk about schools in general because schools are made up of individual students attending them.”

Why talk about schools as a whole when there are real live, individual students attending them? Sure, the entire education system seems to be failing. But tbh Jimmy, a student, is thriving. He made varsity and got his braces off. Things are going really great for him. Let’s talk about Jimmy. In all honesty though, the Secretary of Education said that she doesn’t want to talk about schools in general. Cool, cool, cool. Great answer.

“I have not — I have not — I  have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.”

Is this a remix? Is Betsy DeVos having a stroke? Has she visited underperforming schools on accident? Wtf is happening here?

This entire mess of an answer about institutional racism:[/embed]

I just. I can’t.

“I don’t know.”

This one was used as an answer throughout the entire interview. Very reassuring. The best was when she was being asked about sexual assault on campuses, and if she believed there were as many false accusations as there are actual rapes. DeVos did not know if the numbers were the same. That’s cool, because there are literally peer reviewed studies on this subject available online. It’s your job to know, Betsy. Read a fucking article.

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