The Best Summer Skirts To Show Off Your Waist, Legs & More

Gone are the Laguna Beach-esque denim skirts that were probs the sole reason Hollister and Abercrombie Fitch were ever relevant. Thank god the fashion sphere had a wake-up call post-2005 so we could begin wearing skirts that weren’t the length of a human thumb. Skirts are still really effing cute and trendy when worn with an equally cute top and pair of shoes. What’s even better is the fact that a good skirt can seriously make your legs, waist, and booty look fucking amazing—no gym membership required. However, the secret to finding your most flattering style is all in the silhouette, obv. I’ve done the Google search research for you. Here’s which of the summer skirts you should buy based on the body part you want to show off. Better yet, buy one of each to look hot all summer long.

If You Want To Show Off Your Waist

Any high-waisted skirt is perfect to show off your torso and waist. The natural hem looks relaxed on you, and therefore, automatically makes you look super slender and in shape for summer. A longer style such as a maxi also makes you look taller and probs like five pounds lighter.

Lulus Pistola My Squad Olive Green Maxi Skirt

If You Want To Show Off Your Butt

Whether you’ve got a J. Lo booty or you’re working your ass off to get one, it’s still worthy of showing off. The tighter, the better for your butt—fucking duh. To accentuate dat ass with a skirt, you’ll def want a show-stopping pencil skirt that hugs your waist and makes your booty look toned af.

ASOS High Waisted Pencil Skirt

If You Want To Show Off Your Thighs

The best style for showing off your legs is a skater style, or like, a style that’s close enough. The high-rise hem keeps your brunch bloat tucked in, and the flowy bottom brings attention to your thighs for all the right reasons. It’s not about how much skin you’re showing—so as long as your skirt is swishing with you as you walk, your coworkers will probs be asking you for your workout plan on leg day.


Off-White Plisse Skirt

If You Want To Show Off Your Calves

I feel like calves are a seriously undervalued body part. I mean, all of the squats and lunges we actually put work into make our calves look that much better in bodycons, heels, and skirts. Just like the rest of your curves, they deserve some spotlight. A knee or midi-length skirt that fits like a pencil is perfect for making your calves stand out. All you need is a pair of wedges and you’ll look straight-up [insert fire emoji here].

Levi’s Button Thru Skirt

Images: Lulus (1); ASOS (1); Revolve (1); Shopbop (1)

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