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Ask A Betch: So Are We Wearing Skinny Jeans Or Not?

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Sometimes, there are questions in life where you simply need to consult the group chat. For instance, when pondering whether or not Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map, what Heidi Klum be for Halloween this year, or the ever-elusive question, “Should I get lowlights for fall?” (Hint: the answer is always no.)

But when you really get down to the hard-hitting questions, like, “Is the walking pad treadmill actually worth it?” Sometimes you need to cast a wider net for answers. Enter: Ask a Betch. Welcome to a series where you can ask the Betches team legit any question from product reviews, advice on what to wear to a wedding, or WTF to get your s/o of three months for their birthday. We’ll be polling the Good @ Shopping Instagram audience but we’re also taking submissions in the form of Google Docs (we’re like, so legit, right??).

This week’s question is one that’s honestly been on all our minds, and boy do we have answers for you:

Q: What are the best jeans for fall? Are we wearing skinny jeans or no.

A: Wear skinny jeans if you want! My favorite jeans are from Everlane. They always fit perfectly. My favorites are the ’90s Cheeky Jean and the Way High JeanMaria Del Russo, Branded & Affiliate Content Director

Everlane The ’90s Cheeky Jean

A: Reformation has amazing jeans, especially for petite girls. The Cynthia jeans come in a million colors and are the perfect length. — Karla Barone Sudhalter, Director, Integrated Marketing

Reformation Cynthia High Rise Straight Jeans

A: Okay they’re not cheap, but since I got my first pair of jeans from Still Here NY I have not bought anything else. Perfect non-stretch yet still comfortable denim in classic and cool, edgy shapes. Also, wear whatever jeans you feel comfy in!!! They’re supposed to be a classic, staple piece you can grab and go. If baggy jeans make you overthink your whole outfit/wardrobe then skip it! — Maddy Paul, Sr. Content Manager, Lifestyle

Still Here The Childhood Jean

A: As a petite girly I love Abercrombie and Madewell, and personally love a straight leg or kick flare jean! — Veronica Guadalupe, Associate Manager, E-commerce

Madewell Kick Out Crop Jeans

A: Abercrombie for the curvy girls is *chefs kiss*. — Anna Zagzag, Senior Talent Manager

Abercrombie Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean

A: Good American are my favorite jeans of all time. They have half sizes and so many different styles. — Samantha Bush, Content Manager, Entertainment

Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans

A: I don’t really care if skinny jeans are cheugy or not, I will be wearing them tucked in my knee-high boots this fall for a ~chic~ AF look. Call me nostalgic but I’ve always loved American Eagle jeans.— Abbey Westlin, Branded and Affiliate Content Editor

American Eagle AE77 Premium Skinny Jean

A: Parker Smith has never steered me wrong! They’re pricey ($250+ for a pair), but they’re the only jeans that I wear season after season. — Kate Ward, Chief Content Officer

Parker Smith Bombshell Straight

A: The Mixology girlies know Just Black, but I am completely in love with these jeans. — Becca Kang, People Operations Coordinator

Just Black The Fall Flare W: Extended Sizing

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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