The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

2018 is legit right around the corner, and what better way to start off the new year than with a healthy dose of self hatred trendy new haircut that you’re bound to despise by the time your New Year’s Day hangover starts to fade? Lol I love being me. And picking out a haircut can be v v difficult sometimes. You might actually have to, like, look at yourself in the mirror and take an introspective look at what’s working with your face shape. *shudders* But lucky for you I know how to Google search have an innate gift for picking out haircuts that are the right cut for your face shape. You’re so fucking welcome. We’ve already predicted the hair trends that are about to be literally everywhere in 2018, so here’s which of those trendiest cuts are right for your face shape.


What You Should Ask Your Stylist For: Middle Part With Long Layers

Why it Works: So it’s not super inventive, fucking sue me, but the cut will look amaze on you. Plus it may or may not help you to land a ginger prince as a fiancé, like the last lucky bitch who rocked this haircut, which is literally all the proof I need to do anything. Just saying. The key here is to go with a cut that leaves hair a few inches past your shoulders with layers that hit right at your jaw. Also, be sure to tell your stylist to cut a bit on the sides to create subtle angles. 

Meghan Markle


What You Should Ask Your Stylist For: Messy Pixie

Why it Works: People with oval face shapes are blessed in every way because they can literally get away with any haircut they want. Which is probs why Bekah M., a person who also has an oval shaped face, and her Instagram account looks like me and all the different personalities I use to start free trials. Something to keep in mind when talking to your stylist is that you want to go for an extreme cut whether it’s something super short or with super long layers. Anything in between will fuck with the symmetry of your face. We recommend going short with the messy pixie because that look is about to be everywhere in 2018. 

Bekah M


What You Should Ask Your Stylist For: Curtain Bangs

Why it Works: With heart shaped faces, the goal is always to decrease the width of your massive fucking forehead (sorry, was that too harsh?) and increase the width of the lower part of your face. You’re also going to want to embrace the fringe haircuts *cough* curtain bangs *cough, cough* because a piecey-er haircut will elongate your face more. The good news is, curtain bangs are about to be every-fucking-where in 2018—seriously, Pinterest predicted it—so you’re about to be ahead of the curve with your new cut. Embrace that shit. 

Curtain Bangs


What You Should Ask Your Stylist For: Cher Hair

Why it Works: Super long hair worn straight softens square angles. The middle part also opens up the middle of your face, drawing attention away from the harsh angles of your jawline. Kim Kardashian has used some sort of strategically placed Instagram posts sorcery to make this hair trend the next big thing for 2018. And, like, so what if it gives you an unnecessary reason to feel close to the Kardashians import hair extensions from starving kids in India? At least you’ll look good AF in the new year. 

Kim K


What You Should Ask Your Stylist For: Blunt Bob

Why it Works: If you have a diamond shaped face, then you have angles for fucking days. The good news is you might have a decent shot at modeling for something other than Sugar Bear Hair, good for fucking you. The bad news is you need watch your proportions with your hair cut, lest you end up frightening small children with your harsh angles. Straight chin-length bobs work best for this face shape, because it reduces the width of your cheekbones and shortens the overall length of your face. 

Khloe K

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