Coachella Fashion Inpso That Will Make You Look Hot On Instagram

Happy spring, betches! As soon as this snow bullshit stops, we’ll soon be drunk on a Wednesday afternoon living our very best lives. With spring’s arrival also comes an unofficial (but low-key official) season that happens to be my absolute favorite time of the year: festival season. The most anticipated of the bunch is, without a doubt, Coachella—the one place where all of our favorite celebrities black out, wear designer flower crowns, and find true love. I assume—I’ve never been, because I don’t have an extra grand lying around. But enough about me. Not only is Coachella a literal two weekend-long shit show in a desert, but it’s the most ~lit~ time and place to be a wild child and experiment with some crazy-ass fashion trends, just because Vanessa Hudgens does it you can. Whether you’re planning to go solo, with a spring fling, or your festie bestie, you’ll need the hottest trends to style with. Here are the best Coachella fashion trends to give you all the fashion inspo you need.

1. Topshop Square Neck Ponte Bodysuit

Pretending the whole “peeing while you’re naked thing” doesn’t exist, bodysuits are always a yes for festivals. The less fabric you wear, the less you’re profusely sweating. You want a bodysuit you can take an artsy candid in, like this one from Topshop. Let’s be real, Coachella is basically one giant Instagram festival, and Coachella fashion is all about how you’ll look in pictures.

Topshop Square Neck Ponte Bodysuit

2. Lovers + Friends Jack High-Rise Short

As if this wasn’t already a given. If maxi skirts aren’t your thing, obviously you can never go wrong with a pair of trendy high-waisted shorts with, like, the cutest effing shirt you have ever seen. Or a bodysuit! Remember, there are two weekends of this shit, so you can mix and match without spending all your money.

3. Showpo First In Line Two Piece Set In White Paisley Print

What better to make your life 10 times easier than a set that already comes with a matching top and bottom? If you’re looking to go full Vanessa Hudgens with your Coachella fashion look, you’ll want a boho chic maxi skirt with some floral hippie pattern that makes you look both v skinny and super tan.

4. Anthropologie Logan Layered Y-Necklace

For some reason, despite the sweltering heat, statement jewelry is an essential part of Coachella fashion. The problem? The last thing you want to have weighing on your chest is a big af necklace when you already feel your boob sweat. You also don’t want to be that crazy person rocking a velvet choker in 90-degree heat. (Again, I have no idea how hot it really gets at Coachella because—one more time for the people in back—I have never been.) Anyway, when it comes to necklaces you’ll want to opt for a dainty piece that won’t strangle you, like this subtle layered necklace.

5. Urban Outfitters Brixton Field Hat

Thank god, fedora-style hats are actually a trend rn, otherwise we’d all look like fucking idiots. Not only is it kind of cute the more you look at it, but being in any desert under the scorching sun will probs give your scalp a legit sunburn. Prevent that shit by opting for one of these guys.

6. ASOS TOUCAN Wedge Sandals

Chic booties are cute and all, but let’s be real. You’re not going to last more than 4 hours in them if you’re drunk frolicking and dropping it low in front of a stage. Stick with sandals you can last in, but cute ones that add a little bit of height to your look with a slight platform so you can like, actually see Beyoncé’s performance even if you didn’t camp out at the stage five hours in advance.

Images: Brandy Melville (1); Revolve (1); Showpo (1); Anthropologie (1); Urban Outfitters (1); ASOS (1)
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