One Of Our Favorite Celebrity Couples May Be Getting Back Together

2017 has been a trip, y’all. It’s been a year of many things, like questionable decisions (*cough* me) and people winning things they did not earn (*cough* Trump and Blake Shelton). It’s also, apparently, shadily been the year of going back to your ex. A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd broke up, and Selena was seen hanging out with Justin Bieber like, .5 seconds later. Well, get this: Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have been spotted together again. Be still my heart. I already told y’all I was not over their breakup, and now it looks like I’m they’re getting a second chance at love. Is this why my ex-boyfriend commented “Happy birthday” on my Instagram even though we haven’t spoken since we broke up two years ago? [Insert a thousand thinking emojis]

Elle reported on Wednesday that The Weeknd was photographed leaving Bella Hadid’s apartment, after reportedly spending “several hours there,” I’m sure playing Monopoly or something. So WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I for one hope it means that Bella and The Weeknd are getting back together. I never felt like Selena was right for him anyway—she’s too bubbly and mainstream and not brooding enough. Also, she probably doesn’t do as much cocaine as Bella, a model, does (just saying). I am shipping (re-shipping?) Bella and The Weeknd so hard. Hadid/Weeknd 2020.

So with Selena Gomez back with Justin Bieber, and Bella Hadid in the process of reuniting with The Weeknd, I can’t help but wonder how Taylor Swift is processing this news, with all two of her friends going back to their exes. Is she currently penning a passive-aggressive reprise of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” called, like, “You Should Never Ever Have Gotten Back Together”? Is she having her publicist track down Jake Gyllenhaal’s number as we speak? Is she just like, living her life unconcerned because she has a new boyfriend and an album to promote? All scenarios except that last one are equally likely.

Bella, Weeknd (may I call you Weeknd?), you kids keep me young. God love ya.