Becca Kufrin Came For A Troll Who Called Her Ugly

I think my favorite social media trend of 2018 has been “celebrities’ Instagram comments are news”. Like, not to get too macro here *dusts off communications degree* (just kidding, anyone who’s ever read one of my articles knows I have a creative writing degree), but I think focusing on celebrities’ social media comments has really changed the news landscape. We have more direct access to celebrities than ever before. They’re not simply releasing canned statements via their publicists or mailing you autographed headshots in response to your snail fanmail. No—they’re responding directly to fans, and often, trolls. Such is the case of Becca Kufrin, who responded to an Instagram commenter who tried to call her ugly.

I say “tried to call her ugly” because, first of all, she did not succeed. Becca came to play today. I guess she has more time on her hands now that she’s no longer bound by ABC’s blood oath to remain silent on social media. And, secondly, say what you want about Becca or her choice in men, but you’re fighting an uphill battle in calling this woman ugly. I guess that’s just my personal opinion, but it needs to be said nonetheless.

Today, Becca posted this picture which seems like borderline #sponcon for Victoria’s Secret:

I mean, whatever. This picture is fine. I was about to scroll right by it—and, in fact, was in the process of doing so—when this comment caught my eye:

Becca K Instagram

Personally, I think Becca looks as great as she always looks in this Instagram, but that’s not the point. What is the point is she clapped back by saying “and you look kinda like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” This, to me, is peak Becca K: she’s asserting herself a little bit, but still managing to be a sweet midwestern girl at the same time. Like, she’s basically saying “and you are probably having a bad day, bless your heart.” Personally, I would have probably gone to that person’s profile and constructed my response based on the information I could glean there, but that’s why Becca is a better person than I am.

I’ve also got to say that in this day and age, directly trolling a celebrity in their comments is a bold move. Now more than ever, there’s a chance they will see it and directly respond to you. And do you really want that? Are you emotionally prepared for their followers to come after you personally, all because you thought it would be fun to call a public figure ugly? I’m not sure what this Instagram user was trying to gain here by telling Becca she looks “kinda ugly” in her photo, but I’m sure she got a lot more than she bargained for. Seriously, the comments on that comment could be its own reality show.

So this holiday season, if you don’t want to receive tons of angry DMs from an entire fandom of a hugely popular national television show, maybe refrain from leaving that nasty comment. Or refrain because it’s the right thing to do. Your call.

Images: bkoof / Instagram (2)