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Hey, #BrideTribe! You Each Owe $3,489.46 For Coming To Alexa’s Bachelorette


Good morning all you lovely ladies,    

Thank you so much for making Alexa’s special Bachelorette weekend in Nashville so magical. From tripping over our heels during line dancing at the honky-tonk, to taking a million overly staged photos in front of murals in the hot sun, it’s sure to be a trip she’ll remember forever. 

I’d like to personally shout out Jessica A. for taking ownership of the bridal swag bags — that hand-embroidered “bride’s babe” sun hat is about to become a staple in my summer wardrobe! Jessica H., would love to see an attitude adjustment from you at the rehearsal dinner. 

As you know, I fronted the costs of the trip on my rose gold American Express card and spent all evening last night tallying up the receipts when I should have been watching The Bachelorette — but that’s my cross to bear as MOH, and I would never hold that against you rockstars. 

Below, please find an itemized list of the trip’s expenses. I’d love to receive Venmos from each of you by EOD today. 

If you have questions, please try to squeeze your little brain as hard as you can to use common sense and find the answers yourself — I have a really busy day today at Equinox. 

With Love, 



GRAND TOTAL: $3,489.46

Please pay the exact amount you owe and do not round down out of “convenience.” If everyone rounded down I would lose almost $5, so it actually is a bigger deal than you think. 


Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
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