'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Probably Canceled After Allegations Of Misconduct

Things were looking good for Bachelor Nation until last night. Whaboom finally got kicked off Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, the Bachelor in Paradise cast was announced and filming was in full swing, and just in general it was lit. And then, suddenly, that all came crashing down when Bachelor in Paradise was suspended following “misconduct allegations”. In the immortal words of Jay Z, it was all good just a week ago. And now our favorite spin-off might be cancelled for the season and possibly forever, and who knows what that means for our favorite franchise.

So WTF happened? How have we, as a Bachelor Nation, fallen so far?

We don’t know a lot, but here’s what we do know. Sunday evening, it came out that Bachelor in Paradise had suspended production over “allegations of misconduct.” Nobody knew WTF that meant, until Amy Kaufman, a reporter from the LA Times and a local hero, tweeted the following:

Bachelor In Paradise

Now, I know what you’re thinking because literally all of us are thinking it: How can you claim misconduct over filming a drunken hookup when the entire premise of Bachelor in Paradise is precisely to get a bunch of singles drunk in Mexico to hook up? Didn’t this producer know what they signed up for? Clearly there’s a huge piece of the puzzle missing, because this just doesn’t add up.

The Hangover

In times like this, I obviously did what everyone does: stalk take to Twitter. Corinne’s Twitter is radio silent. I went to DeMario’s Twitter and… actually found stuff. He was still tweeting right when this news came out. He was tweeting stuff like this.

DeMario Jackson Twitter

ALT FACTS? That’s suspicious…… As far as I can tell (aka I followed two links), this is what he was replying to:

DeMario Jackson Twitter

WHAT IS THE TRUTH INDEED, DEMARIO. What is the truth indeed. 

The tweets have since been deleted from his Twitter. This is either a case of really bad timing, or DeMario was attempting to speak out and then somebody (the producers, his agent, his common sense maybe?) stepped in. SHADYYYYYYY.

Basically all we know for sure is Corinne and DeMario are for sure involved and they hooked up while wasted. What really happened is unclear, but it seems bad enough that Reality Steve thinks Paradise is over, it’s canceled. One thing is clear: Between Lee turning out to be a racist and now this, The Bachelor is looking more and more like an episode of UnREAL. Unless this has all been fake and it’s all just an elaborate promo for the new season of UnREAL, and UnREAL wasn’t cancelled after all?

Oh Shit

I would also like to take this time to say that we totally called Corinne and DeMario hooking up. Bye.