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Just A Big List Of Everyone Austin Butler Has Ever Dated

To all the lucky ladies getting rizzed tf up on Austin Butler’s Bikeriders press tour, how does it feel to be God’s favorite? Just watching the nuclear level of charisma radiating from Austin at all times (is that what aura points are, BTW?) makes me blush more than any IRL man has in years. Thankfully, Vanessa Hudgens is happy and pregnant with her new husband and baby, otherwise, I’m sure the memory of fumbling the living reincarnation of Elvis Presley would haunt her on a spiritual level. If you ask me, which you basically are by reading this, we’re in a bit of a movie star crisis at the moment. The constant accessibility to celebrities and the rise of influencers all because of social media has made the mystique of being go poof like Paris Hilton’s vocal fry. That is until Austin Butler stepped up to the plate to be the artsy, floppy-haired boy next door red carpets need more than a Glambot camera. I don’t *think* he’s currently auditioning for a new female lead to romance his love life, Austin, if you’re reading this, I’m ready to fly my boy. Whilst I impatiently wait, here’s a big fat list of everyone Austin Butler has dated that isn’t me (yet).

Austin Butler’s Dating History

Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2019)
Austin Vanessa
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After breaking it off with Zac Efron in 2010 (shoutout to V Hudge’s solid track record), Vanessa moved on with Austin Butler in 2014. The couple was actually first spotted together in 2011 at Ashley Tisdale’s sister’s birthday party but took a while to announce their love to their adoring public. At the time Vanessa was the far bigger star, and Austin was a Nickelodeon graduate channeling Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull . They were together for almost ten years until right around when Austin got the call for Baz Luhrmann to star in Elvis. Depending on who you ask, Vanessa was a big part of the reason Austin took on the career-launching role. Austin told a version of the story on the Hollywood Reporter actors’ roundtable a “friend” said he “totally had to play Elvis” after he died his hair black.

Olivia DeJonge (2020?)

Olivia Austin Elvis premiere
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Austin allegedly courted the Priscilla to his Elvis during the filming of the movie. Whether he actually got together with Olivia DeJonge or that was just wishful shipping from their chemistry on screen is still unknown.

Lily-Rose Depp (2021)

Lily Rose Depp
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If you look closely, Lily-Rose Depp is actually just Olivia DeJonge in a different font. After breaking her yacht-side fling off with Timmy Chalamet, Austin and Johnny Depp’s daughter were spotted smooching in London that August.

Kaia Gerber (2021 – TBD)

Kaia Gerber Austin Butler
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I know TBD is wishful thinking, don’t @ me. Austin and Kaia were first linked in December 2021 when they were seen doing yoga together. How wholesome! Their relationship was all but confirmed when Austin posed with her mother, Cindy Crawford, at a Celine show Kaia was walking the runway in. The couple made their big debut at The Met Gala in 2022. They have since attended the Oscars, done photoshoots together, and got flamed on Twitter for that time Vanessa Hudgens posed with little Kaia on a 2007 High School Musical red carpet (Kaia is 22 years old to Austin’s 32). Now that Kaia’s acting career is taking off, it wouldn’t be surprising if he locked it down with an engagement ring in no time. BRB emotionally preparing.


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