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Who Is Ariana Madix's Boyfriend Dan Wai? Everything We Know About This Man

History shall be divided into two time periods: BS and AS, also known as Before Scandoval and After Scandoval. It is currently the year 1-AS as we draw closer to the anniversary of this life-changing event. Ariana Madix discovered Tom Sandoval had been cheating on her with her bestie, Rachel Leviss, and shit literally hit the fan (along with all of Rachel’s terrible excuses). But don’t worry, our fearless blondie picked herself up and found better, meet Ariana’s new boyfriend Daniel Wai. Yes, Ariana Madix is dating someone new and has a new man in her life, thank god. 

No Worm With a Mustache for Ariana anymore; she’s going for tall, ripped, and smoldering. So, how’d Ariana meet Dan? And will we get to see more of this hunky boy toy in the new season of Vanderpump Rules? The girlies have questions about her new boyfriend. 

Who is Ariana Madix’s Boyfriend Dan Wai? 

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Ariana Madix is currently dating/screwing/riding Daniel Wai. The pair met at a mutual friend’s wedding in Mexico – why is it always Mexico?!

Sparks flew, and the couple met up again at Coachella in April 2023, where they were packing on the PDA. You never know which wannabe singers with a mustache are watching…

Ariana planned to keep it casual, but how often does that work for us? So by May 2023, a close source told People that she was “falling in love” with Daniel.

“It’s happening faster than she thought, but he treats her well, they’re having fun, and she’s happy to be moving on to this next chapter with such an incredible guy,” they explained.

What Is Ariana Madix’s Boyfriend Dan’s Job? 

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Aside from being the man of my dreams, Daniel Wai is a fitness trainer based in New York City. Given that Ariana lives in LA, this means that they’re LONG DISTANCE LOVERS. Although she is making her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago, so I guess she’s spending a lot of time in the Crunchy Apple lately.

On his website, Daniel describes his job as “not just a profession but a labor of love and dedication,” it’s giving ick but I’ll push through it.

He’s a business owner, running DW Fitness in the Bowery neighborhood of NYC, and also offers online coaching and “nutritional accountability,” weird flex but okay.

Will We See Daniel Wai in the New Season of Vanderpump Rules?

That’s all we really care about, as what good is a boyfriend if he’s not caught on camera?! Apparently, Daniel was hesitant to be on the show, but Ariana managed to convince her new lover to film scenes for Vanderpump Rules.

She told E! News, “He filmed a couple of times at my behest. I’m really glad that he was a good sport about it. So, you get to see him a little bit, but he lives in New York, so he’s not around a whole lot.”

“Behest”? Okay, Shakespeare.

I need a scene between him and Tom Sandoval. I need it so badly. I also need Daniel’s haircare routine – is he oiling? He looks like he’s oiling.

Speaking of the rat, he decided to insert himself in the conversation and discuss Daniel with E! as well, “He seems like a nice guy. I don’t really know him or them together, but from what I’ve seen, they seem happy. I wish them the best.”

It’s giving Gwyneth Paltrow’s “I wish you well.”

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