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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Engaged To His 25-Year-Old Model Girlfriend? We Investigate

Two things are certain in life: death and Leonardo DiCaprio dating a model under 26 years of age. Leo’s had some iconic girlfriends in the past from Gigi to Rihanna to the original supermodel, Naomi Campbell, but it seems things may be getting serious with his current mate, 25-year-old Gucci model Vittoria Ceretti. The couple has taken their whirlwind romance all around the world, with fans and papz alike hunting them down everywhere from Paris to Italy. A Tuesday jaunt in little old Los Angeles to neighborhood burrito stand Yuca’s, however, has ignited rumors that Leo and Victoria may actually be engaged. As a frequent patron of Yuca’s, this makes me both jealous and hungry, but is it true?


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Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti Engaged?

Leo and Vittoria, who met in Cannes this past year while he was promoting Killers of the Flower Moon, were grabbing a casual lunch when Page Six snagged photos of a sparkly new ring on her finger. The notable piece of previously unseen jewelry made people start asking questions.  Are they engaged? How much did the ring cost? How did I turn 30 without meeting a millionaire heartthrob on a Yacht?

Even though the couple were dressed v chill for the occasion (I mean as chill as you can look when wearing Balenciaga sunglasses) who’s to say it wasn’t a celebratory engagement lunch? They had a few unnamed friends sitting with them who could have been there to pat their 49-year-old pal on the back for finally settling down. Taking a painfully close look at Page Six’s photos, it does appear the diamond-covered stunner is on Vittoria’s ring finger on her left hand. And a quick peruse of her Instagram proves it was not there two weeks ago. Vittoria is recently divorced from ex-husband and Italian DJ, Matteo Milleri, whom she married in 2020.

How Long Have Leo and Vittoria Been Together?

If Leo did decide to propose, it wouldn’t be totally out of the blue. A source told Us Weekly back in November of 2023 that the pair were now exclusive and that the famed bachelor was actually considering settling down. How brave! Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time Leo has reportedly been engaged. Raise your hand if you’re old enough to remember Leo’s girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach (and then quickly put your hand down, just in case Leo’s watching, and he and Vittoria aren’t engaged after all).

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