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Are Survivor's Dee And Austin Still Together After The Show?!

IDK what I love more, Survivor, Jeff Probst, or Dee and Austin’s relationship. If you watched season 45 (THE FINALE WAS LAST NIGHT SO IF YOU DIDN’T WATCH IT YET, GET THE FUCK OFF THIS POST!!!) you know that BEEP was the winner. Okay, seriously, this is your last spoiler warning!!! Our girl Dee Valladares took home the $1 million prize, with her boo thing/showmance/boyfriend Austin Li Coon coming in second place. So are Dee and Austin from Survivor 45 still together and dating after the show?

Are Dee And Austin From Survivor 45 Still Together?

The short answer? YES… but they’re “taking things slow” because he’s in Chicago and she’s in Miami. Dee confirmed on Jeff’s On Fire podcast on December 20 that she and Austin’s relationship was a showmance, but also continuing post-finale. Right now, though, they’re trying to keep it on the DL.

So Dee went home rich and with a boyfriend? Sounds like a winning season. However, she is 100 percent remaining coy about it when any media outlets ask for more deets.

What Has Dee Said About Her And Austin Dating?

“This has been a whirlwind of emotions and we have decided to keep it low-key for now,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s been too crazy and it’s getting crazier. So we’ve decided to keep it low-key for now, only because it’s been insane.”

Sooo no ring and honeymoon plans yet? Dee explains that by keeping it “low-key,” fans will “see pictures here and there,” adding, “We’re not going to focus on it right now because so much is happening in our lives, and yeah, we’re just going to keep it low-key for now.”

When Did Dee And Austin From Survivor Start Dating?

A romance blossomed between the two over the course of the season — one they tried desperately to be discreet about but legit everyone (INCLUDING THE ENTIRE CAST LMAO) knew was a thing. They’d cuddle, hold hands, hug, and essentially confess their love to each other without flat-out saying it. TBT to when Austin took Dee on his helicopter reward date and invited Katurah and she just third-wheeled the entire thing, lol.

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Dee and Austin were, first and foremost, alliance members part of the Reba four, but tried their best to hide their emotions and feelings for each other to make it to the end. Dee ended up beating him in just a 5-3 vote. Oh, also, Jake was there. He came in third with 0, but we are SOOO proud of you, babe!!!!

What Happened Between Dee And Austin At The Finale?

In all honestly, I was hoping for the two to show a TINY bit more PDA during the finale. A kiss? Something! But I guess Dee did blindside Austin in front of the entire jury when she told him that she told Julie to play her idol, so maybe they have ~things~ to work out behind the scenes. She even told Jeff that she was so nervous Austin wouldn’t forgive her after the show for not being truthful and thought maybe he wouldn’t “know how to separate the game a real life.”

Another point the two discussed on the podcast was how the FUCK Dee and Austin found each other attractive when everyone was disgusting and smelled like shit. Fair question!

“There’s a thing called island hot out there,” Dee said, adding that you also “don’t smell each other” but if she DID smell Austin, she would have“probably liked it.”

“The more bruises and scrapes on his body, the hotter I found him,” she told Jeff. (Honestly, same.)

Soooo will we be invited to the wedding? Will Emily be the maid-of-honor? She did tell the cameras: “I guess heart really does win Survivor, but, girl, if you spend 1 penny of this million dollars on this boy, I will personally fly to Miami and take it from you.” EMILY!!!

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for Dee and Austin’s romantic vacay pics in the meantime!

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