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Nobody Panic, But Antonia Gorga Is In College Now

One of the special parts of RHONJ revolving around a big Italian-American family is seeing all of the kids we once watched learn how to make pasta around the kitchen table eventually grow up to follow their dreams. (The downside is that the adults in this Jersey family have been at each other’s throats in a never-ending fight since 2009, but you win some you lose some). Adorable little Frankie is now working full-time in construction (not for Luis though), Gia graduated from college this past May which will give her plenty of time to defend her mom’s honor hopefully without any more analogies thrown her way, and now Antonia Gorga’s turn to leave her childhood home behind for a dorm room at a major university has come too. Here’s everything we know about Antonia’s new college life in 2024.

Where does Antonia Gorga go to college?


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The Jersey girl committed to the University of Delaware back in May of 2023 and has been in school there since the fall. She seems to be having a great time away from home (sorry Joe) living her best sorority girl life after joining Alpha Phi and spending her spring break vacation down in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m sure her parents are never too far away though, especially since Melissa has taken on the role of head cheerleader in every single one of Antonia’s comment sections.

How old is Antonia Gorga now?


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Antonia is (take a deep breath) almost 19 years old. This makes her middle brother Gino 17 whole years old and the youngest, little Joey, an alarming 14-year-old full-blown teenager. Time flies when your extended family is brawling at every holiday gathering, I guess. If Joe was crying with only Antonia out of the house before, just imagine later this year when Gino will likely do the same and Joey Jr. will be learning how to drive a car. The Gorga kids are growing up too quickly for my liking (because it makes me feel old as hell) but the bright side is maybe Melissa will have more time to drop another single? “On Display” has aged like a fine Italian wine, if you ask me, and the people are thirsty for more.

The new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres Sunday, May 5.

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