A Farewell To American Apparel: The End Of A Skintight Neon Era

In case you haven’t noticed, American Apparel is having a total meltdown. The California-based company is closing its online shop and retail stores, selling all of its merchandise at Wet Seal prices along the way. So on the off chance that you’ve recently walked through a mall without wondering why there are more hipster high schoolers and stressed out sorority girls than there were at Kylie’s last pop up, I’m here to let you know that American Apparel is shutting TF down.

Saying goodbye to American Apparel is kind of like mourning the loss of a former BFF who now has a boring boyfriend and spends her weekends watching House Hunters. Like, you’ve already kind of started to grow apart, so you’re not that sad. At the same time, you can’t deny that she was by your side for some of the best blackouts of your life and your teal American Apparel bodycon was probs there, too.

Up until 2015, when it announced it’s broke AF and we grew up and realized the company as a whole was immoral AF, American Apparel was the shit. It was the go-to spot for the slutty outfits featured in all the photos you debated posting because you looked skinny but also really drunk. Without American Apparel, there would never have been the invention of the Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit that everyone’s boobs look great in. (Honestly, look back at every pregame you’ve ever been to and try to tell me there weren’t at least three girls wearing these.)

American Apparel was also responsible for the tiny, faux-vintage swimwear you wore on spring break to show off your tiny hidden tattoo and/or make your ex-boyfriend jealous. 

Let’s be real, though. Your relationship with American Apparel probably wasn’t always great. It’s definitely the reason you have at least one questionable metallic skater skirt that you bought to wear to a music festival or rave, but you forgot about until your roommate fished it out from the back of your closet when she was desperately searching for a Halloween costume and asked you why the fuck you ever bought it. Its ad campaigns are also probably at least partially responsible for your lingering distrust of older men.

Anyway, even if you pretend to hate American Apparel’s clothing, there’s no way you’ve successfully avoided wearing it. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask your big where she bought those purple neon pants of hers you wore to that 80s workout themed party sophomore year?

Like cheap vodka and Diet Coke, this store was definitely a staple for betches everywhere. Even if you don’t miss it yet, you will when your Tobi order arrives two hours before you’re supposed to go out and you can’t run to American Apparel to grab something else when it doesn’t fit.