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Kyle And Amanda From 'Summer House' Are 'Very Much Together' Amid Divorce Rumors

In the midst of a Summer House season 8 reunion that has us shaking in our patent leather loafers, the “best season ever” of the show may actually be in the works as we speak (sorry to burst your bubble, West). Why you may ask? Not only are Kyle and Craig beefing (which means Amanda and Paige will be forced to pick between their friendship and their partners) but Kyle and Amanda’s longstanding relationship drama may be finally coming to a head. If you’ve been watching from the beginning, you know that Amanda and Kyle have been dealing with their fair share of issues.

When they first started hooking up, Kyle would give her the time of day one weekend and then forget she existed the next for other girls. Once they finally became official after Amanda demanded more, things were still not exactly smooth sailing. They broke up briefly seven months in while cheating rumor after cheating rumor slowly piled up. Kyle did eventually admit to cheating during season 3, years into their relationship, and it seemed like they would never recover. But they did, eventually getting married after a real rough summer of wedding planning in 2021. Now three summers later word on the street is Kyle and Amanda are calling it quits. Here’s everything we know about Kyle and Amanda’s divorce rumors.

Are Kyle and Amanda getting divorced?

A source close to the couple set the record straight in an exclusive statement to Betches after divorce rumors started circulating from a deuxmoi tip. “Kyle and Amanda are very much together,” the insider said. “While Amanda was sadly not able to make it to Andrea’s wedding, they have another destination wedding in Italy this summer and they’re looking forward to spending time away together. It’s killing Kyle that he can’t be with her right now as these rumors circulate.”

What Were the Deuxmoi Rumors About Kyle And Amanda? 

Kyle and Amanda divorce rumors are swirling the internet
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Deuxmoi, which to be fair swings and misses quite often, received a submission about some allegedly suss behavior Kyle was up to this weekend after a Loverboy event. The blind implies the main character of the story is Kyle Cooke by naming the subject line “Let’s Cook” and describing the man in question as an “entrepreneur turned DJ.” Lol.


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So there you have it — Kyle and Amanda are working things out. Filming for Summer House season 9 will start in the coming weeks, so we don’t have long before we find out even more about how Kyle and Amanda’s relationship is now.

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