We Found Affordable Versions Of The Swimsuits Celebs Are Wearing

Summer has finally arrived, and with the weather being so nice, it’s like you can just smell relationships ending. (At least, that’s what my shitty ex-boyfriend would probably say.) Anyway, this also means it’s now bathing suit season. Bathing suit shopping is right up there on the list of things I hate to do—it’s a close second to walking up stairs. None of us like to be personally victimized by the fluorescent lighting of the department store dressing room, but what makes bathing suit shopping even more dreadful is when designers try to sell four pieces of thread for $700, as if I’m made of money. This really bothers me, and I won’t be a part of it. I found some great websites that have affordable bathing suits that you’re basically guaranteed to look super cute in, even if you just drank a whole 6-pack on the beach.

The first place you need to look when shopping for affordable bathing suits is Pretty Little Things. This website has extremely affordable bathing suits to the point where I add 25 of them to my cart and then I need to pray my card goes through. What I love most about this website is the bathing suits range from Miami stripper attire all the way to swimsuits you could wear to a family barbecue.  Their cover-ups are also very different: think see-through dresses that look like you spent a fortune at some cute boutique in the south of France when really the closet thing I get to France is eating fries on the beach. I found this bathing suit that is a complete copy of what Kendall wore in Cannes. And it’s two for $38! Excuse me, I think I may be having a small heart attack.

Affordable bathing suits

Pretty Little Things black/white 2 pack high leg swimsuit

Now, ASOS is a go-to for all things, but bathing suits in particular they really nail. Their sizing seems to be spot-on, so you can continue to avoid fitting rooms without worrying you’re ordering a child’s size bathing suit. ASOS also has a wide range of styles, and the return process is super easy if you happen to fuck it up. Anyway. After Olivia Culpo was tragically dumped by Danny Amendola, she went to Vegas and wore a black cover-up that would make any ex-boyfriend want to die. I found a copy on ASOS—your ex will hate you but in a good way.

????last weekend with @si_swimsuit ❤

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ASOS Cover Up

ASOS shirred waist maxi chiffon beach kaftan

Next is Forever21 and I know what you’re thinking: “no no no, Forever 21 is cheap and not good quality.” And you may be right, except for the fact that you aren’t. Some bathing suits I have from Forever 21 are my favorites and I’ve had them for multiple summers. (Kinda gross I haven’t thrown them out, but whatever.) Forever 21 is also the best at copying designer trends and selling them for $14. Sorry about it. Let’s keep with the model trend, shall we? I found a copy of one of Nina Agdal’s bathing suits for $40.

#ninaagdal ????#solidandstriped

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Affordable bathing suits

Forever 21 Kulani Kinis stripe one-piece swimsuit

Last but certainly not least is Missguided. The best thing about their website is that you can literally get any bathing suit in any color. Bathing suit shopping doesn’t have to be that bad, and at least you’re saving money and can spend it on ridiculous animal shaped floats just so you can pretend to be a Kardashian on Instagram. It’s okay, I have at least three. Emily Ratajowski started a swimwear line, but I’m not into her price range. Here is an exact copy of her style. Wish we could copy her body.

Cardiff in ????

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Affordable bathing suits

Missguided black mono cut out front swimsuit

Images: kendalljenneroutfits, oliviaculpo, candnina, inamorataswim / Instagram; Pretty Little Things; ASOS; Forever 21; Missguided