Aaron Carter Is Going To Be A Dad

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most of our lives aren’t exactly going according to plan right now. Weddings have been postponed, trips have been canceled, and everything is generally on pause for now. Pretty much everything is chaotic at the moment, but somehow, Aaron Carter’s personal life is still the most chaotic of all. On Tuesday, he announced that he and his girlfriend Melanie Martin are expecting their first child together, and reader, I have whiplash.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have only been publicly together for a few months, but their relationship certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing. At the end of March, Melanie was arrested for felony domestic violence, after an alleged incident between her and Aaron. At the time, Aaron leveled many accusations at Melanie, including that she choked him, and broke her dog’s leg.

Between his tweets and her emo Instagram posts after getting released from jail (sadly now deleted), it definitely seemed like they were broken up after the incident. But as of this week, things have taken an abrupt turn. All of a sudden, it looks like Aaron and Melanie are back together, and they’ve got a baby on the way. On Tuesday, Melanie posted a photo of them kissing, with the caption “love wins.” I don’t think that means what she thinks it means, but sure, why not.


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💞 love wins #LøVë

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Then, Aaron dropped the baby news in an Instagram Live. After playing some new music (which is actually super catchy) and teasing his upcoming tour, he casually made the big announcement. He flipped the camera around to show a positive pregnancy test, and then said “Obviously I have a baby on the way,” adding “this is the official announcement, we’re pregnant.”

Well, there you have it, Aaron and Melanie are going to be parents. While taking drags on a cigarette, he went on to argue with viewers who said he wouldn’t be a good dad. I won’t make any guesses about Aaron’s future parenting skills, because I certainly wouldn’t be prepared to raise a child right now either, but I do feel like maybe he should read some books before the baby gets here.

I’m not sure what I thought 2020 would bring, but I for sure didn’t expect to be watching Aaron Carter suck on a cigarette on Instagram Live, announcing that he’s having a baby with a woman whom he had arrested just three weeks ago. But hey, life comes at you fast, and at least this is one piece of messy celebrity news that has absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus.

Aaron and Melanie haven’t posted any official announcements on their Instagram feeds yet—Melanie is probably still Facetuning hers—but Aaron did reference the news with this mirror selfie from last night, which he captioned “Dad bod.” Lol, see what he did there?


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Dad bod

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So for now, it looks like Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are back together, and they’re probably trying to make things work for the baby, if nothing else. Based on the timing, she was obviously already pregnant before the whole jail situation, but it’s unclear when they found out. Maybe their relationship is on a better track now, but if things go wrong again, hopefully they can just focus on co-parenting.

Interestingly, Aaron has also yet to tweet anything about the pregnancy. He’s usually pretty outspoken on Twitter, but I did notice that it’s been a few weeks since he posted about his OnlyFans page. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m still a little tempted to subscribe. But maybe he and Melanie are more focused on reconnecting with each other right now, instead of posting cryptic tweets and porn videos? A true modern love story.

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